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Dire StraitsLove Over Gold

Лейбл:Vertigo – 6359 109
Дата релиза:
Стиль:Classic Rock


A1Telegraph Road14:20
A2Private Investigations7:00
B1Industrial Disease5:50
B2Love Over Gold6:15
B3It Never Rains7:55
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© 1982 Phonogram Ltd ℗ 1982 Phonogram Ltd
Issued with a printed lyric innersleeve.

Штрих-код и другие идентификаторы

  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side A label): 6359 109.1
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side A label): 6359 109.2
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side A, Runout): 63 5 91 09 A // 3 ∇ 1 3 0 6359109 - A masterdisk RL
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side B, Runout): 63 5 91 09 B // 2 ∇ 1 3 0 7 2 6359109 - B-UK masterdisk hw

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Название (Формат)Лейбл# по каталогуСтранаГод
Love Over Gold (LP, Album)Vertigo6359 109Netherlands1982
Обновлен недавно
Love Over Gold (Cassette, Album, Stereo)Vertigo7150 109UK1982
Обновлен недавно
Love Over Gold (LP, Album, Stereo)Vertigo6359 109France1982
Обновлен недавно
Love Over Gold (LP, Album)Vertigo6359 109Germany1982
Обновлен недавно
Love Over Gold (LP, Album)Vertigo6359 109Australasia1982


  • Аватар пользователя Livewire91
    Изменено 3 дня назад
    Amazing sound quality on this release. Pressing is very good too.
    I made two needledrops of two of the tracks from this vinyl record - You can find them on the right side in the videos - Under the names: Dire Straits - Love Over Gold (1982 UK Vinyl) and Dire Straits - Industrial Disease (1982 UK Vinyl)
    • Аватар пользователя luke_hardaker
      With NM copies kicking around at £10-12 this is possibly the best value true audiophile wax out there. The clarity and separation of instruments and vocals is sublime.
      Knopflers delicate guitar work is there to savour in all its glory through Private Investigations.

      This is sound engineering at its most perfect…
      • Аватар пользователя 255335527
        I bought this pressing in NM condition and after listening to it, I wondered by I ever bothered buying the MOFI 2x45 rpm in the first place. With the exception of Brothers in arms, I sold all of my Dire Straits MFSL cut from DSD pressings and replaced them with the OG UK pressings.
        • Аватар пользователя porkpie_hat
          Get yourself a NM or Mint copy of this 1982 UK pressing when you can still get it cheap. You won't be dissapointed.
          • Аватар пользователя JazzElectronicus
            It does have an excellent sound, but I have never liked Dire Straights, or this record. The second half of side two is much better.

            I can remember trying to explore mellow music and being recommended this record around the time it came out. The person who recommended this said most of the music I was looking for was old. Guy was literally half blind. Nice guy but didn't have a clue, and he worked in a record shop. Duh!
            Why not recommend Eno, or some mellow jazz, Classical. Shaking my head.
            • Аватар пользователя hobbers1984
              I've inherited an LP of LOG with an embossed gold star on the back cover, anyone know anything about this version. its marked 6359 109 (Vertigo) and the gold star is positioned above the track listing?
              • Аватар пользователя RC_67
                the album that introduced me to the compact disc i couldn't believe how clear it was
                • Аватар пользователя mrmittens
                  which version of this vinyl is the best sounding? I heard the Japanese one is best, but not sure...
                  • Аватар пользователя Burk45
                    There is a drop-out in the left channel of the first song, Telegraph road, about 3:38-3:39 into the song, when Knopfler sings, then there was a war.

                    It is even on my blue swirls vertigo, matrix number 800088 2 01, and on subsequent pressings, like 800088-2 08, with red vertigo spirals and see-through inner hub.
                    It is also on dutch LPs from 87, or on dutch chrome cassettes.

                    It is not on very first German lps with the red silk-screen printed label, or on very first German tape cassettes.

                    Does anyone know about the reasons and origins of that drop-out? It was not fixed until the remaster of 1996 by Bob Ludwig.

                    Is there any CD available with the first mastering that does not have this channel drop out?

                    Can you tell, when that drop-out first occured? What is your first earliest copy of that album (Lp, cassette, 8-track or CD, any record company) that has this drop-out?
                    What is your latest copy of that album with first mastering (prior to the 1996 Bob Ludwig remasterings) that does not carry that drop-out?

                    Best regards
                    • Аватар пользователя eyecloud
                      The sound quality of this vinyl has got to be one of the best out there! Outstanding


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