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VariousJazz Masters

Лейбл:Tandem Verlag Audio Line – 1512705, Flex Media Entertainment – 1512705
12 x CD, Compilation
Дата релиза:
Стиль:Bop, Big Band, Cool Jazz, Swing


CD1-01Louis ArmstrongMahogany Hall Stomp
CD1-02Louis ArmstrongMelancholy Blues
CD1-03Louis ArmstrongSavoy Blues
CD1-04Louis ArmstrongPut 'Em Down Blues
CD1-05Louis ArmstrongPotato Head Blues
CD1-06Louis ArmstrongGully Low Blues
CD1-07Louis ArmstrongStruttin' With Some Barbecue
CD1-08Louis ArmstrongTiger Rag
CD1-09Louis ArmstrongKeepin' Out Of Mischief Now
CD1-10Louis ArmstrongRockin Chair
CD1-11Louis ArmstrongSt. Louis Blues
CD1-12Louis ArmstrongAlexander's Rag Time Band
CD1-13Louis ArmstrongShine
CD1-14Louis ArmstrongGeorgia On My Mind
CD1-15Louis ArmstrongKeyhole Blues
CD1-16Louis ArmstrongHigh Society
CD1-17Louis ArmstrongNew Orleans Function
CD1-18Louis ArmstrongGone Fishin'
CD2-01Count BasieBeaver Junction
CD2-02Count BasieBlow Mr. Low
CD2-03Count BasieEvery Day
CD2-04Count BasieAfter You've Gone
CD2-05Count BasieIt's Raining Again
CD2-06Count BasieSafe, Sane And Single
CD2-07Count BasieMine, Too
CD2-08Count BasieNails
CD2-09Count BasieTime For Moving
CD2-10Count BasieKansas City Blues
CD2-11Count BasieThey Didn't Believe Me
CD2-12Count BasieRat Race
CD2-13Count BasieWhen The Sun Goes Down
CD2-14Count BasieDetour Ahead
CD2-15Count BasieSweets
CD2-16Count BasieAlways On The Blue Side
CD2-17Count BasieSolid As A Rock
CD2-18Count BasieDid You Ever See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?
CD2-19Count BasieNormania (Blee Blop Blues)
CD2-20Count BasieRocky Mountain Blues
CD2-21Count BasieShe's A Wine-O
CD2-22Count BasieShoutin' Blues
CD3-01Glenn MillerIn The Mood
CD3-02Glenn MillerCareless
CD3-03Glenn MillerMoonlight Serenade
CD3-04Glenn MillerCiribiribin
CD3-05Glenn MillerHear My Song, Violetta
CD3-06Glenn MillerChapel In The Valley
CD3-07Glenn MillerFools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
CD3-08Glenn MillerFifth Avenue
CD3-09Glenn MillerHelpless
CD3-10Glenn MillerBugle Call Rag
CD3-11Glenn MillerFive O'Clock Whistle
CD3-12Glenn MillerHappy In Love
CD3-13Glenn MillerFooled
CD3-14Glenn MillerDreamsville, Ohio
CD3-15Glenn MillerBoulder Buff
CD3-16Glenn MillerChattanooga Choo Choo
CD3-17Glenn MillerDelilah
CD3-18Glenn MillerChip Off The Old Block
CD3-19Glenn MillerCaribbean Clipper
CD3-20Glenn MillerDearly Beloved
CD3-21Glenn MillerRhapsody In Blue
CD3-22Glenn MillerWhen The Roses Bloom Again
CD3-23Glenn MillerSt. Louis Blues March
CD4-01Benny GoodmanAlexander's Rag Time Band
CD4-02Benny Goodman(I've Been) Saving Myself For You
CD4-03Benny GoodmanAll I Do Is Dream Of You
CD4-04Benny GoodmanBasin Street Blues
CD4-05Benny GoodmanAlways
CD4-06Benny GoodmanBedlam
CD4-07Benny GoodmanA Little Kiss At Twilight
CD4-08Benny Goodman(I Would Do) Anything For You
CD4-09Benny GoodmanAnd The Angels Sing
CD4-10Benny GoodmanBallad In Blue
CD4-11Benny GoodmanAir Mail Special
CD4-12Benny Goodman(You Got Me In Between) The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
CD4-13Benny GoodmanBach Goes To Town
CD4-14Benny GoodmanAfter Hours
CD4-15Benny GoodmanA Home In The Clouds
CD4-16Benny GoodmanAs Long As I Live
CD4-17Benny GoodmanAfraid To Dream
CD4-18Benny GoodmanAt Sundown
CD4-19Benny GoodmanJumpin' At The Woodside
CD4-20Benny GoodmanRock Rimmon
CD4-21Benny GoodmanSomebody Stole My Gal
CD5-01Lionel HamptonHamp's Boogie Woogie No. 1
CD5-02Lionel HamptonHamp's Boogie Woogie No. 2
CD5-03Lionel HamptonOn The Sunny Side Of The Street
CD5-04Lionel HamptonSweethearts On Parade
CD5-05Lionel HamptonShoe Shiner's Rag
CD5-06Lionel HamptonFour Or Five Times
CD5-07Lionel HamptonHot Mallets
CD5-08Lionel HamptonSlide Hamp Slide
CD5-09Lionel HamptonBlow Top Blues
CD5-10Lionel HamptonLoose Wig
CD5-11Lionel HamptonI Know What You Know
CD5-12Lionel HamptonMemories Of You
CD5-13Lionel HamptonI've Found A New Baby
CD5-14Lionel HamptonFlying On A V-Disc - Parts 1 & 2
CD5-15Lionel HamptonCobb's Idea
CD5-16Lionel HamptonEmpty Glass
CD5-17Lionel HamptonBeulah's Sister Boogie
CD5-18Lionel HamptonOne Sweet Letter From You
CD6-01Django ReinhardtCoquette
CD6-02Django ReinhardtCrépuscule
CD6-03Django ReinhardtDjangology
CD6-04Django ReinhardtArtillerie Lourde
CD6-05Django ReinhardtClair De Lune
CD6-06Django ReinhardtDuke And Dukie
CD6-07Django ReinhardtAre You In The Mood
CD6-08Django ReinhardtDanse Norvégienne
CD6-09Django ReinhardtDe Nulle Part
CD6-10Django ReinhardtBei Dir War Es Immer So Schön
CD6-11Django ReinhardtFéerie
CD6-12Django ReinhardtBabik (Bi-Bop)
CD6-13Django ReinhardtIf Dreams Come True
CD6-14Django ReinhardtBelleville
CD6-15Django ReinhardtEchoes Of France (La Marseillaise)
CD6-16Django ReinhardtI Can't Give You Anything But Love
CD6-17Django ReinhardtI Won't Dance
CD6-18Django ReinhardtAnniversary Song
CD6-19Django ReinhardtBlue Lou
CD6-20Django ReinhardtTopsy
CD6-21Django ReinhardtNew York City
CD7-01The Golden Gate QuartetDidn't It Rain?
CD7-02The Golden Gate QuartetNoah
CD7-03The Golden Gate QuartetDaniel Saw The Stone
CD7-04The Golden Gate QuartetI'm A Pilgrim
CD7-05The Golden Gate QuartetDipsy Doodle
CD7-06The Golden Gate QuartetI Heard Zion Moan
CD7-07The Golden Gate QuartetListen To The Lambs
CD7-08The Golden Gate QuartetSwing Down, Chariot
CD7-09The Golden Gate QuartetAtom And Evil
CD7-10The Golden Gate QuartetI'll Fly Away
CD7-11The Golden Gate QuartetMoses Smote The Water
CD7-12The Golden Gate QuartetStormy Weather
CD7-13The Golden Gate QuartetBye Bye Little Children
CD7-14The Golden Gate QuartetNo Restricted Signs
CD7-15The Golden Gate QuartetMy Walking Stick
CD7-16The Golden Gate QuartetAnyhow
CD7-17The Golden Gate QuartetThe End Of My Journey
CD7-18The Golden Gate QuartetDowntown Road
CD7-19The Golden Gate QuartetRock My Soul
CD7-20The Golden Gate QuartetOl' Man Moses (Go Down Moses, Let My People Go)
CD7-21The Golden Gate QuartetJoshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
CD7-22The Golden Gate QuartetWhen The Saints Go Marching In
CD7-23The Golden Gate QuartetShadrack
CD7-24The Golden Gate QuartetPray For The Lights To Go Out
CD8-01Ella FitzgeraldA Kiss Goodnight
CD8-02Ella FitzgeraldBaby, Won't You Please Come Home?
CD8-03Ella FitzgeraldCry You Out Of My Heart
CD8-04Ella FitzgeraldBetcha Nickel
CD8-05Ella FitzgeraldA Four Leaf Clover In Your Pocket
CD8-06Ella FitzgeraldAs You Desire Me
CD8-07Ella FitzgeraldBaby, What Else Can I Do?
CD8-08Ella FitzgeraldA Little Bit Later On
CD8-09Ella FitzgeraldCryin' Mood
CD8-10Ella FitzgeraldBenny's Coming Home On Saturday
CD8-11Ella FitzgeraldBei Mir Bist Du Schön
CD8-12Ella FitzgeraldA-Tisket, A-Tasket
CD8-13Ella FitzgeraldDeep In The Heart Of The South
CD8-14Ella FitzgeraldCoochie-Coochie-Coo
CD8-15Ella FitzgeraldCrying My Heart Out For You
CD8-16Ella FitzgeraldCow Cow Boogie (Cuma-Ti-Ti-Ti-Ay)
CD8-17Ella FitzgeraldAfter I Say I'm Sorry
CD8-18Ella FitzgeraldDarktown Strutter's Ball
CD8-19Ella FitzgeraldImagination
CD8-20Ella FitzgeraldLemon Drop
CD8-21Ella FitzgeraldThere's A Small Hotel
CD9-01Dizzy GillespieCaravan
CD9-02Dizzy GillespieGirl Of My Dream
CD9-03Dizzy GillespieIt's The Talk Of The Town
CD9-04Dizzy GillespieThe Champ
CD9-05Dizzy GillespieOooh-Shoo-Be-Doo-Bee
CD9-06Dizzy GillespieExactly Like You
CD9-07Dizzy GillespieDizzy Atmosphere
CD9-08Dizzy GillespieOoh Bop Sh'bam
CD9-09Dizzy GillespieOne Alone
CD9-10Dizzy GillespieImpromptu
CD9-11Dizzy GillespieA Night In Tunesia
CD9-12Dizzy GillespieOn The Sunny Side Of The Street
CD9-13Dizzy GillespieThe Bluest Blues
CD9-14Dizzy GillespieNice Work If You Can Get It
CD9-15Dizzy GillespieOne Hit Bass (Part 1)
CD9-16Dizzy GillespieDizzy Boogie
CD9-17Dizzy GillespieOl' Man Rebop
CD9-18Dizzy GillespieThat's Earl, Brother
CD10-01Charlie ParkerDancing In The Dark
CD10-02Charlie ParkerA Night In Tunisia
CD10-03Charlie ParkerBird Feathers
CD10-04Charlie ParkerBegin The Beguine
CD10-05Charlie ParkerAll The Things You Are
CD10-06Charlie ParkerBillie's Bounce
CD10-07Charlie ParkerBarbados
CD10-08Charlie Parker20th Century Blues
CD10-09Charlie ParkerCarvin' The Bird
CD10-10Charlie ParkerBongo Beep
CD10-11Charlie ParkerBongo Bop
CD10-12Charlie ParkerBe Bop
CD10-13Charlie ParkerCool Blues
CD10-14Charlie ParkerCrazeology
CD10-15Charlie ParkerAh-Leu-Cha
CD10-16Charlie ParkerCardboard
CD10-17Charlie ParkerBuzzy
CD10-18Charlie ParkerAfro-Cuban Jazz Suite
CD11-01Oscar Peterson(I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance With You
CD11-02Oscar PetersonAir Mail Special
CD11-03Oscar PetersonBody And Soul
CD11-04Oscar PetersonFlying Home
CD11-05Oscar PetersonFor You
CD11-06Oscar PetersonJust You
CD11-07Oscar PetersonMargie
CD11-08Oscar PetersonNight And Day
CD11-09Oscar PetersonOscar's Blues
CD11-10Oscar PetersonPennies From Heaven
CD11-11Oscar PetersonStairway To The Stars
CD11-12Oscar PetersonSweet Georgia Brown
CD11-13Oscar PetersonTea For Two
CD11-14Oscar PetersonThe Man I Love
CD11-15Oscar PetersonTo A Wild Rose
CD11-16Oscar PetersonBack Home Again In Indiana
CD11-17Oscar PetersonBlue Moon
CD11-18Oscar PetersonChina Boy
CD11-19Oscar PetersonC Jam Blues
CD11-20Oscar PetersonSeven Come Eleven
CD11-21Oscar PetersonTenderly
CD12-01Stan GetzAutumn Leaves
CD12-02Stan GetzIt Don't Mean A Thing
CD12-03Stan GetzCrazy Rhythm
CD12-04Stan GetzMoonlight In Vermont
CD12-05Stan GetzCrazy Chords
CD12-06Stan GetzPot Luck
CD12-07Stan GetzInto It
CD12-08Stan GetzIt's Wonderful
CD12-09Stan GetzLover Come Back To Me
CD12-10Stan GetzMinor Blues
CD12-11Stan GetzIt Might As Well Be Spring
CD12-12Stan GetzSpring Is Here
CD12-13Stan GetzBody And Soul
CD12-14Stan GetzMelody Express
CD12-15Stan GetzLullaby Of Birdland
CD12-16Stan GetzFools Rush In
CD12-17Stan GetzFascinatin' Rhythm
CD12-18Stan GetzSometimes I'm Happy
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The CDs are housed in a 12"x12" cardboard box.

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