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Лейбл:Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab – UD1S 2-012, Atlantic – UD1S 2-012
Серии:UltraDisc One-Step, Original Master Recording
2 x Пластинки, 12", 45 RPM, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180 gram
Бокс-сет, Limited Edition, Numbered
Дата релиза:
Стиль:Classic Rock, Prog Rock


Arranged ByYes
Written-ByAnderson*, Howe*
A2Cans And Brahms (Extracts From Brahms' 4th Symphony In E Minor Third Movement)
Arranged ByWakeman*
B1We Have Heaven
Arranged ByJon Anderson
B2South Side Of The Sky
Arranged ByYes
Written-BySquire*, Anderson*
C1Five Per Cent For Nothing
Arranged ByBill Bruford
C2Long Distance Runaround
Arranged ByYes
C3The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Arranged ByChris Squire
C4Mood For A Day
D1Heart Of The Sunrise
Arranged ByYes
Written-ByBruford*, Squire*, Anderson*
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Limited edition of 7,500.

Boxed set contains a gatefold cover with interior credits and a reproduction of the original 8-page color booklet.

Pressed on 'SuperVinyl' - a vinyl formulae developed by Mobile Fidelity, RTI, and Blue Note that is purer, translucent, quieter, and more durable. Also much more expensive than standard virgin vinyl.

Mastered at Mobile Sound Lab, Sebastopol, CA on the GAIN 2 ULTRA ANALOG SYSTEM™
1/4" / 15 IPS / Dolby A analog master to DSD 256

Original released in 1972. Recorded at Advision Studios, London, September 1971.

Five tracks of this album are the individual ideas, personally arranged and organised, by the five members of the Band. "Cans And Brahms" is an adaptation by Rick Wakeman on which he plays electric piano taking the part of the strings, grand piano taking the part of the woodwind, organ taking the brass, electric harpsichord taking reeds, and synthesizer taking contra bassoon. "We Have Heaven" is a personal idea by Jon Anderson in which he sings all the vocal parts. "Five Per Cent For Nothing" is a sixteen bar tune by Bill Bruford, played twice by the Group, and taken directly from the percussion line. In Chris Squire's "The Fish", each riff, rhythm, and melody is produced by using the different sounds of the bass guitar. Steve Howe concludes with a solo guitar piece "Mood For A Day"
The remaining tracks on the album are Group arranged and performed.

All titles published by Cotillion, BMI, except "Cans And Brahms" which is traditional, arrangement published by Irving, BMI.

℗ 1972 & 2019 Atlantic Recording Corp. Produced Under License From Atlantic Recording Corp.
Manufactured by Rhino Entertainment Company, A Warner Music Group Company.
℗ & © 2019 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Inc.
Made in the U.S.A.

Штрих-код и другие идентификаторы

  • Штрих-код (Scanned): 821797201223
  • Штрих-код (Text): 8 21797 20122 3
  • Авторское общество: BMI
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Runout side A, etched): UD1S 2 - 012 A5 KW@MoFi 33842.1(1)....
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Runout side B, etched): UD1S 2 - 012 B4 KW@MoFi 33840.2(1) ̶3̶3̶8̶4̶0̶.̶4̶(̶1̶)̶.̶
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Runout side C, etched): UD1S 2 - 012 C6 KW@MoFi 33843.3(1) ...
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Runout side D, etched): UD1S 2 - 012 D5 KW@MoFi 33842.4(1) ...

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Название (Формат)Лейбл# по каталогуСтранаГод
Обновлен недавно
Fragile (LP, Album, Stereo, Gatefold)Atlantic, Atlantic2401019, 2401 019UK1971
Добавлен недавно
Fragile (LP, Album, Gatefold)Atlantic, Atlantic50.009, N° 50.009France1971
Добавлен недавно
Fragile (LP, Album)AtlanticSD-7211Australia1971
Добавлен недавно
Fragile (LP, Album, No SIAE printed)AtlanticK 50009Italy1971
Fragile (LP, Album)Atlantic, Atlantic2401019, 2401 019UK1971



  • Аватар пользователя wroder
    The better your hifi system, the better this version.
    Absolutely stunning, deep black, dead quiet, no clicks and pops !
    • Аватар пользователя Vinyl_Dynamics
      Изменено 4 месяца назад
      Typical “OneStep” attributes of fuller bass, wide soundstage, coupled with the dead quiet super vinyl makes Fragile sound expansive, dynamic and big, even if it comes across as somewhat exaggerated. The KG remaster is better focused and tonally more neutral, being a good balance of warmth and liveliness.
      If you’re a “OneStep” collector, then Fragile should be on your shortlist as it’s a pretty epic sounding edition. But darn it, that KG cut from the Master Tapes remaster is a ripper if you don’t have the coin to shell out for the DSD MoFi, being a fraction of the “OneStep’s” asking price.
      • Аватар пользователя maynardewm
        I compared this version with the 2016 Kevin Gray one. This one is sooooo much better. The Kevin Gray one is super bright and sibilant, grating. This one is way more balanced and controlled. Much more natural sounding and pleasant. The record itself is dead quiet, flat, great quality pressing. Really happy with it!
        • Аватар пользователя GaboWabo
          My original CDN pressing have long been unlistenable. I compare this with my 2006 Analogue Productions from original analogue tapes cut by Kevin Gray. This MOFI version is bright and detailed, but I prefer the Analogue Productions when playing loud.
          • Аватар пользователя suadero
            Incredible sounding record. Continuing misunderstanding about the benefits and drawbacks of having DSD in the signal path will keep some away from this. Their loss!
            • Аватар пользователя Lightofearendil
              Изменено год назад
              Honestly, the 2016 edition cut from the original analogue master tapes by Kevin Gray sounds to my ears better than this edition.
              • Аватар пользователя RSPievaitis
                Изменено год назад
                But is it an all analogue pressing ?
                Before anyone here shoots me please watch the 14 th July video on YouTube from Mike at The In Groove and then consider your reply.
                He seems to have some very worrying information about all mofi releases since 2015.
                Is he right ? I don't know but he has been given this information from somebody in the know.
                I only pose this because so many folks look down on MoV releases. Maybe they might have to reappraise that opinion?
                EDIT 25/7/22
                Well amazing what a week brings right !?!?!?! So it looks as if those naughty guys at mofi have been telling pork pies, source YouTube interview on 19/7/22 between those three shifty looking chaps from mofi and Mike Esposito of the In Groove. Wherein it was confirmed that ever since, at least 2015, if not earlier, that a DXD/DSD digital file was made and special secret sauce applied. That means the so called all analogue original master tape claim is pure and utter bu* "&%&-:'t.
                Ok that's all from me.
                Oh by the way im.only the piano player so guys, don't shoot me ok ?!?! I'm just saying.
                Love and peace to all.
                • Аватар пользователя PaulJP54
                  I was so lucky to find this one this week, originally sealed, in a hifi shop in Essen, Germany during a short trip with my girlfriend.....for the fair price of € 199 ,-
                  I didn't have to think long about buying it....
                  • Аватар пользователя holyhill99
                    Most impressive pressing of any album I've ever heard. The Kevin Gray pressing is really good also but this just knocks my socks off. I've been listening to so many versions of this album since I was a young pup but this is really incredible. Worth the bones in my book. I rarely post stuff like this but I just had to.
                    • Аватар пользователя Ruben_Sousa
                      Flawless pressing with almost none surface noise. Great mastering, in my opinion, with very clinical low end and great soundstage. All instruments are well separated in the mix. Very happy with this release.


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                      • Есть у:1981
                      • Хотят:734
                      • Рейтинг:4.8 / 5
                      • Оценок:260

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