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    Star-XPrepare To Fly

    Лейбл:Phonokol – 2282-2, Com.Pact Records – CPCD010
    CD, Album
    Дата релиза:


    2Star-X & Visual ParadoxSunset In Sao Paulo
    Written-By, ProducerGaddy Marian
    3Star-X & Wrecked MachinesOutput
    Written-By, ProducerGabriel Serrasqueiro
    5Star-XShooting Stars
    GuitarZiv Harpaz
    VocalsAsi Levi, Carmela
    6Star-X & DynamicM-Trick
    Written-By, ProducerBen Avital, Shay Elmakaies
    7Star-X & Atomic PulseTime Keeper
    Written-By, ProducerTamir Ozana
    8Star-XWhat Does It Feel Like?8:11
    9Star-XOcean View (Pump Mix)6:29
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    Distributed by Phonokol.

    ℗ & © 2003 Com.Pact Records

    Штрих-код и другие идентификаторы

    • Штрих-код: 7 296134 228226
    • Авторское общество: Acum / Biem


    Аватар пользователя PKS
    Изменено 16 лет назад
    Com.Pact Records in Israel is releasing quite a lot, by well known acts and some new unknown artist. This is a fresh upcoming artist from Israel.

    The first track starts nice and floating. A typical morning track with pleasant floating sounds and a nice groovy tempo. The floating parts come back several times between the rolling rhythms. Track two is made together with Visual Paradox. This one is a bit darker, but still in the same typical morning trance vibe. It also becomes pretty melodic and you even get some piano in there. Track 3 has some sort of scary floating sounds. It also has some trippy melodies, still typical Israeli morning trance. He has collaborated with Wrecked Machines on this one. Track 4 goes the same direction, but slightly more full on. These tracks is somewhere between progressive trance and full on. Then we get a break with track 5. This is a chill out track with a lot of female vocals. It might sound too cheesy to some, but it sounds pretty beautiful too. Very relaxing down tempo rhythms and melodic all the way.

    Track 6 starts very relaxing too, but then we get thrown back into the morning trance groove again with rolling bass lines. A very floating and melodic track that builds up from slow relaxing vibes to pretty full on trance. This one is made together with Dynamic. Track 7 is made together with Atomic Pulse. This is the most full on and dark track so far on the album. Heavy stumpy rhythms and some dark, atmospheric sounds. Track 8 starts with some weird voice samples, before the full on rhythms comes back. This one has a really cool drift and trippy samples. My favourite track on this album. Track 9 goes about the same direction. Melodic full on in a progressive way. The last track on the album is more light, with a bit more uplifting melodies. Again, very floating and trancey.

    This album consists of mostly melodic morning trance. Typical Israeli style all the way, of the kind we have got a lot of from Alien Project and other Com.pact releases, except here you get it in a bit lighter way. So, if you like melodic, floating morning trance, be sure to check this out.