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The KLFThe White Room

Лейбл:KLF Communications – JAMS LP006
Дата релиза:
Стиль:Techno, Breakbeat, Leftfield, House, Acid House


A1What Time Is Love? (LP Mix)
RapIsaac Bello
Sampler [Breaks]Lenny Dee, Tony Thorpe
Synthesizer [303 Acid Factor]Major Malfunktion
Synthesizer [808's & 909's]Manda Beatmaster
Voice [Ooohs]Cressida (2), Lindz E. Love
A2Make It Rain
KeyboardsNick Coler
Sampler [Breaks, Samples]Tony Thorpe
Saxophone [Tenor]Duy Khiem
VocalsMaxine Harvey
A33 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)
Backing VocalsIan Richardson, Micky Wilson*, Nick Coler
ClarinetDuy Khiem
KeyboardsNick Coler
Sampler [Breaks]Tony Thorpe
VocalsMaxine Harvey
Voice ["Are You Ready", "Here We Go"]Ashanti (2)
A4Church Of The KLF
Backing VocalsKatie Kisson*, P.P. Arnold
KeyboardsNick Coler
VocalsMaxine Harvey
A5Last Train To Trancentral (LP Mix)
Backing VocalsMaxine Harvey
KeyboardsNick Coler
VocalsBlack Steel
B1Build A Fire
Backing VocalsMaxine Harvey
Guitar [Pedal Steel]"Evil" Graham Lee*
KeyboardsNick Coler
B2The White Room
Backing VocalsBlack Steel, Maxine Harvey
KeyboardsNick Coler
ScatBlack Steel
B3No More Tears
BassBlack Steel
KeyboardsNick Coler
PianoBlack Steel
Sampler [Breaks, Samples]Tony Thorpe
B4Justified And Ancient
BassBlack Steel
KeyboardsNick Coler
Sampler [Break]Tony Thorpe
VocalsBlack Steel
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Samples used:

"I Wanna See You Sweat" - Wanda D (Tuff City Records)
"Kick Out The Jams" - The MC5 (Elektra Records)
"Mu Mu's" - P.P. Arnold, Katie Kisson (KLF Communications)
"Thank You, Thank You" Crowd Noise - The Doors (Elektra Records)

Crowd Noise - U2 "Rattle & Hum" (Island Records)
Crowd Noise - The Doors "Absolutely Live" (Elektra Records)
"Say Yeah" - Stevie Wonder (Tamala Motown)
"Pump A Little Harder" - The Moody Boys (XL Records)

"KLF Aha Aha" - P.P. Arnold (KLF Communications)
"Ancients Of Mu Mu" - Chike (KLF Communications)
"Ladies And Gentlemen..." - Scott Piering (Appearing)
Crowd Noise - Haircut 100 Live Recording (Unreleased)

Crowd Noise - The Doors "Absolutely Live" (Elektra Records)
Crowd Noise - U2 "Rattle & Hum" (Island Records)

Rolling Stock - The KLF "Chill Out" (KLF Communications)
Crowd Noise - The Doors "Absolutely Live" (Elektra Records)
Crowd Noise - U2 "Rattle & Hum" (Island Records)

Trumpet Line - King Tubby (Trojan Records)

Some copies have sticker on outer sleeve "JAMS LP006 Includes '3 a.m. Eternal' 'What Time is Love?'
Some copies comes with "KLF Communications Mail Order" print.

Штрих-код и другие идентификаторы

  • Штрих-код (Printed): 5 017139 360009
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side A runout, etched): JAMS-LP-6-A2
  • Матрица / внутреннее кольцо (Side B runout, etched): JAMS-LP-006-B2

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Название (Формат)Лейбл# по каталогуСтранаГод
Обновлен недавно
The White Room (CD, Album, Stereo)AristaARCD-8657US1991
Обновлен недавно
The White Room (LP, Album)Blow Up, KLF CommunicationsINT 145.549Germany1991
The White Room (CD, Album)Blow UpINT 845.549Germany1991
Обновлен недавно
The White Room (LP, Album)Coma Records (4)COMA LP4Scandinavia1991
The White Room (CD, Album)DJ:TOCP-6743Japan1991



  • Аватар пользователя Sepe71
    This album was a great disappointment at the time. Like someone already mentioned earlier, it was made deliberately cheesy for whatever, possibly subversive, reasons. Or maybe they just wanted to do the "final cash-in" which they did in the end by burning the money and deleting the catalogue! The first release of "What Time is Love", Chill Out and the early Orb connection was their best stuff.
    • Аватар пользователя RobDjBenson
      I have this album with no sleeve and what an album it is...,, whoever has the sleeve stole a great sleeve with the wrong record in it so that will teach them hahaha. If anyone knows where i can obtain a sleeve i would be eternally gratefull...
      • Аватар пользователя dtoner
        Why did this one shoot up in value? My Dad gave this to me as a gift 4-5 years ago, he found it for $15 from a shop that religiously uses Discogs for pricing.
        • Аватар пользователя wapples
          Outstanding like the video for 3am Eternal your sucked into the mu vortex
          • Аватар пользователя Koizumicromo
            Excellent pressing from an album I have since new. Some classics but I never play it through as I find some songs to be utter shite. Just my opinion of course.
            • Аватар пользователя richardmckee699
              I have just found a copy of the vinyl in my collection in my loft. I actually now remember buying it way back when , pretty sure I've a few of their CD singles also.
              • Аватар пользователя hamakei
                Where does it say this is not official? This was the original UK vinyl release...
                • Аватар пользователя daviddgrant
                  A must have but actually taken from the market by KLF, at the same time they burnt GBP1,000,000 and stopped making music. Not an official release according to Discogs but I my opinion defiantly worth having. The pressing and the quality of audio is absolutely fine. Glad I could find a copy.
                  • Аватар пользователя Sparkin
                    This release also had a sticker on the front cover: "includes 3AM eternal and What time is love?" See images
                    • Аватар пользователя FunkyBeak
                      Изменено 7 лет назад
                      Growing up in Canada I of course got to know the US tracklisting quite well, and didn't even realize until about 10 years later that there were different versions. Although I enjoyed the album tremendously, particularly the first 1/2, I always felt it was lacking something and didn't really 'flow' well. After hearing the UK version with the crowd noise years later it all made sense.

                      Actually i'm surprised they took it out at all for copyright reasons - I can't imagine anyone being able to identify what album they stole it from if it's just generic cheering...

                      BTW for fans of Last Train To Trancentral, check out the fantastic remix / re-edit that Joseph Watt of Razormaid did on this Gridlock issue. He took the best parts of the best 4 versions (Iron Horse / UK LP Mix / Live From The Lost Continent / 808 Bass) and spliced them together magnificently. Sounds like it should have been conceived that way from the start!!



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