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Видео (2)

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Обложка альбома Paranoid Recordings Volume 6 от Various

VariousParanoid Recordings Volume 6

Лейбл:Paranoid Recordings (2) – PRLPCD06
CD, Album, Enhanced
Дата релиза:
Стиль:Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle, Breaks


3Dazz FBring It To My Hardcore6:29
4Ric (9)Flipped Again4:31
5DJ Fuzz BuzzBack With A New Tune5:48
6DJ Pink ChampagneAll I Want5:49
7Nicky Allen*Brothers & Sisters5:59
8Remnant (3)Outer Bass6:00
10Simon Harris (5)Serve And Protect4:42
11Strange RollersFunky Moloco5:03
13Silent SighMilbourne 924:35
14DJ Mark CNo Limits5:02
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CD features a data section containing an interactive menu, bonus track & a DJ Mix.
(PC Only)


Изображение профиля breakbeatscientist
Possibly my favourite Paranoid Recordings release this. 'Volume 6' covers a broad selection of hardcore breakbeat styles from the slower tempos of 1991 right up to modern drum & bass techniques, all with a focus on the energy and creativeness of oldskool 'ardkore in it's heyday.

Opening with 'Rekindled' by DJ Pursuit which starts the album off nicely in a Dave Charlesworth 'Energizer'-mash-up style followed up by Aike's thunderingly dark sounding 'U214'. The pace takes a more relaxed pace when the breaks follow a 1991 tempo on DazzF's excellent 'Bring It To My Hardcore' (some sweet vox and piano section on this one!) and Ric's 'Flipped Again' ramps up the uplifting pianos along with a sneaky Donna Summer sampling. DJ Fuzz Buzz is then 'Back With A New Tune' which also uses some familiar oldskool vocal samples very effectively accompanied by the awesome 'All I Want' by DJ Pink Champagne with it's different approach to breakbeat usage and great movie soundtrack sampling (have no idea which movie, but it adds a purely uplifting element).

'Brothers & Sisters' by Nicky Allen is a pure authentic revision of dark 1992 hardcore, in the realms of something dug up from the vaults of Reinforced Records. Sheffield warehouse bleeps combined with heavy-as-hell breaks and stabs. Tunage at it's best! Remnant's 'Outer Bass continues on with the Reinforced influence using elements of Nebula II and Doc Scott as well as a monsterous Morse Code riff. RenegadeGenius takes us back to the golden age of drum & bass with ‘Conform’. Taking in the lush sounds of breakbeat technology focused D&B from 1994-1995. Simon Harris' 'Protect & Serve' is a track which veers precariously on the edge of chipmunk cheese, but maintains it's dignity by serving it up on a nasty slab of darkside hardcore, complete with itchy breaks and busy use of samples and sound effects. Absolute quality use of the 'Mine is the last voice you will ever hear. Don't be alarmed'. From an old acid track I believe?

Strange Rollers takes us into the realms of brain-scouring bass with 'Funky Moloco', essentially an ace revisioning of Westbam's 1988 classic 'Monkey Say, Monkey Do' fast forwarded into the future (jungle). JMT's 'Relax' follows in a futuristic breaks-style with pitched down amens and growling bass sounds. An excellent study of the rough and the smooth. 'Milbourne 92' by Silent Sigh throws in 'Bad boy!' vocal samples, hoover riffs and nasty 'Anasthasia' stabs over a stepping beat and heavy bass throbs. Last but not least is DJ Mark C's 'No Limits (Remix)' which thankfully avoids any links to 2 Unlimited's similarly named 'hit' and instead gives us some ruff hardcore set to a clockwork sounding breakbeat, descending 'Exterminate' stabs and 'You get down' vox. A perfect ending to an album showcasing the spirit of inventiveness, energy and willingness to experiment that makes the original hardcore/rave/jungle/drum & bass such a source of inspiration.

Not a single dud on this. A flawless 5 outta 5!