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    Spectrum (3)Catalizer

    Лейбл:Phonokol – 2330-2
    CD, Album, Slipcase
    Дата релиза:


    2One Love7:12
    5Down Town Tel-Aviv6:36
    6The Sin7:16
    8Theraputic Solution6:26
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    Catalyzer (CD, Album)Spectrum Music, PhonokolSPEC CD 09, 2330-2Israel2005


    Аватар пользователя PKS
    Изменено 16 лет назад
    Phonokol Ltd. and Spectrum Music is out with the second album by Spectrum from Israel. Spectrum are David Nachmias, most known as dj Dede who has played a lot all over the world, and Ronen Dahan, most known as Perplex. Here they give us another full on, pumping album.

    In this album we get very typical Israeli full on through the entire album. First out is a pumping, groovy track. Not so much melodies, but massive, groovy beats and some metallic sounds jumping above. Track 2 is another stumping track with some screaming voice samples and weird sounds. Very typical full on, but not as cheesy and clubby as a lot of Israeli full on seems to be these days. Track 3 is pumping from start to finish. This could be something for the morning. We get some more werid melodies here, but also some nice floating vibes. Track 4 is a massive, drifting full on track. Here we get a little bit more variation, and some more clubby vibes. Track 5 is a hard pumping track, but with some quite light sounds and melodies playing above. One of the most melodic tracks on this album. Something for the morning.

    Track 6 goes a bit darker. It has some mystic vibes, a groovy full on bass line, some cool echoing sounds and a quite intense sound picture. Track 7 is another massive floor stumper. Here they continues the darker vibes, which should fit well at night. Cool, intense sounds swirling in between the full on bass line. Track 8 is definately my favourite track on this album. Nice variation, massive beats and some trippy vibes. Nice one. Track 9 doesn’t sound bad either. Quite melodic, but not too fluffy. The last track on this album doesn’t give us any rest either. This is a pumping monster. Totally full on, with a massive bass line, intense sounds and voice samples.

    There could have been some more variation between the tracks here, but this album is not as fluffy as most other full on releases from Israel these days. The melodies are not as cheesy, and all the tracks sounds really massive. More variation would be nice, but this is one of the best full on releases from Phonokol lately.