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    Phony OrphantsIt Cetra

    Лейбл:Iboga Records – IBOGACD32
    CD, Album
    Дата релиза:
    Стиль:Progressive Trance


    2Sex, Drugs...6:37
    3I Want To Feel7:38
    4Got What It Takes8:22
    5Mi Corazon7:50
    6I'll Promise You8:09
    7Going Down6:55
    9House For My Spouse7:43
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    Cover + spine reads title as: <i>Phony Orphants - [it'cetra]</i>
    All tracks mastered by Morten Vinten @ Medley Studios, Copenhagen.


    Аватар пользователя Skeleton-Man
    Изменено 16 лет назад
    Last post in a 3 string "Contenders For Best 2005 Progressive Trance release" from SkeletonMan. First up was Jaia's Fiction, next Antix' Twin Coast Discovery, and now the time has come for Phony Orphants' It'cetra. Saving the best for last? Well, let's see.

    Phony surely sets their album off with a blast. Rise is a sweet opener with a killer bass line setting in after 2½ minute. These guys must be thinking: Why make it more complicated, when you can make something really nice with just a steady beat, killer bass and some thought through FX? Phony provides a 1st class progressive opener. Yeah, baby, yeah!

    Sex, Drugs .. is a sweet follow-up'er. Yeah, I love it just as much as the opening track with its great "sex, drugs .." sample and one more let's-keep-it'simple-and-rock bass! Another dance floor filler.

    I Want To Feel introduces vox and let me say right off: They don't do it for me. Some angry guy trying to rock and it doesn't fit in here. Sad cause apart from the vox it's a great track. More down beat from the first two killer tracks but nice. Without the vox it might've worked wonders for me. Next tune Got What It Takes brings us back on track. Sweet, sweet synth line going on for 5+ minutes (!) before opening this baby with the bass. Awesome, but there's a snake in Paradise! Just before the bass kicks in at 5:19 Phony apparently decided to use a left-over Scooter sample "got what it takes". First time I heard this sample I couldn't believe my ears. But they mean this sample - it's repeated. Unbefuckinglievable! Almost completely ruins the song for me and certainly downs it from a 5-star to perhaps a 3-star. Schade!

    Well, maybe they knew cause they follow up with my favourite on the album, Mi Corazon. Oh, this is sweet. No killer bass. Just a steady going beat, it's impossible for me not to move to. And then just when I think I know this track, the most wicked bass enters in the break at 3:19. Man, to be taken aback by this on the festival dance floor ...!!

    Yeah, Phony is back on track now. I'll Promise You is another dance floor bomb. An imploding one :o) mind you, sucking everyone to the dance floor. Things are more complex now compared to the beginning but still under control. Progressive with an extra layer? In any case, rocking!

    This is followed by my least favourite here, Going Down. More like Not Going Anywhere. What happened? Boring bass, a beat close to pointless, and with add-ons a weird blend of hard synths sounds. Fortunately, they follow up with Party, another hit in my book. Suddenly the FX works again. It's hard, but fun hard. The sample is head on, but fun head on. And the bass is dead on simple the way Phony knows how to do it. Danceable & loveable. Progressive when it's best.

    And, finally, House For My Spouse, to end this. Downbeat, housey, female choir going "yeah-yeah" (hm ... heard this 1 mio. times before?!), and the obligatory sax. Like a disco-house track on acid and missing a layer. Nothing special, but not bad, and could work for a no-trance crowd.

    And the verdict is ... This is a very, very respectable, hell no, GREAT progressive album. Even if the trax don't all work for me, there are 5 great tracks and only one miss-out. And the sound here will work just as good home as on the dance floors which is very nice. Compared to Jaia, I think Phony comes out the winner. Compared to Antix ... Hm, Antix come out on top here, but on another day it could've been reversed.

    In any case, can't be my pick for best progressive release of 2005 - got a much nicer release there :o) - but up there.
    Аватар пользователя DeathPosture
    Изменено 16 лет назад
    Shizzle dizzle progrezzle!

    This is the 32nd CD-release by Danish the Danish power-house label Iboga Records – and this time it’s none other than the second album by Phony Orphants – oh, happy day! P.O. is a Danish producer duo, consisting of Mikkel Dahlgaard (Emok) & Jeppe Ørnkilde and these guys have been progressive stars since the late 1990es… Their debut album Symphony is still regarded as one of the most important progressive trance releases of 2003, and the guys have released countless compilation tracks to much acclaim… After a couple of delays, the oddly named album is finally here… Let’s dig deeper…

    This was quite a ride through the many corners of progressive trance… From epic, reverb-soaked progressive grooves, over deep, murky technoid night-time trance to fluffy, uplifting filter-house – in nine easy steps! Oh yeah – this is a cross-over as it gets – potent hybrid trance, beautifully executed by the Orphants…This is a really good album that works both as a journey and as individual tracks! There is not a single bad track here - though I didn’t really connect to a couple of the darker, repetitive tracks… But that’s nitpicking really; coz the quality level is damn high here! What’s also cool about this album is that it doubles as both quality home-entertainment and as a valuable DJ tool… And it sounds fabulous both on low volume, but more importantly also when the volume is cranked to the max… Cool!

    The cover art is stylish as always with Iboga, so you really get your money’s worth on this one! That’s right – Iboga continue to distance themselves as the world’s leading record label for progressive trance in its many forms… This is benchmark material and this album is a strong contender for best progressive album of the year. It’s right up there with the Tegma, Jaïa and Beat Bizarre albums… Fans of intelligent hybrid trance should not be without this gem… Enjoy!

    Favourites: 1, 2(!), 4, 5, 6