Mainly interested in electronic music, mostly Goa trance/psychedelic techno, ambient, dub and downbeat music. I'm a retired party organizer, music reviewer and DJ in Norway, besides running a record label called Chill Tribe Records. I spent a large part of life on dancefloors outdoor and indoor around the globe for many years, but have now calmed down in the countryside of Norway, enjoying my music collection mostly from the 90s. My music collection is physical/original releases (mostly CD, and some vinyl). Downloads and digital formats is simply not my thing.

My major DJ gigs at international festivals:

-Full Moon Festival 2004, Germany.
-Full Moon Festival 2005, Germany.
-Sonica Electronic Music Festival 2005, Italy.
-Voov Experience 2005, Germany.
-Soulclipse total solar eclipse festival 2006, Turkey.
-Boom Festival 2006, Portugal.

My label called Chill Tribe Records, focuse on the chilled side of psychedelic electronic music. You can buy the releases directly from me here on Discogs.

Releases on Chill Tribe Records:

SUNKINGS - Before We Die Chill Tribe Records 2009 (CTRCD07)

IAN ION - Gringo Locomotion Chill Tribe Records 2007 (CTRCD06)
-Ambient/IDM album by the man behind Koxbox, The Overlords, Saiko-Pod etc.

POLYPLOID - Grow Your Own (Album by Chris Gannon) Chill Tribe Records 2007 (CTRCD05)
-Including 3 tracks made with Deviant Electronics.

WOMBATMUSIC - Shameful Silence (Album by Kristian Thinning) Chill Tribe Records 2007 (CTRCD04)
-Ambient/downbeat album by Danish Kristian Thinning most known as Elysium.

V/A Ear Pleasure (Compiled by PKS) Chill Tribe Records 2007 (CTRCD03)

1. Robert Leiner - Beginning Of The End
2. Blue Planet Corporation - Gengis Khan's Reverie
3. Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic - Forgotten Souls
4. Cosmosis - The Himalaya
5. Digital Mystery Tour - Nemo
6. Slot Machine - Quick & The Dead (Snake Thing Dub Rmx)
7. Kiwa - Inside
8. Highpersonic Whomen - Free Space
9. Bluetech - Embrace
10. Zen Lemonade - Island Of Forgotten Dreams

V/A Relaxed Journeys (Compiled by PKS) Chill Tribe Records 2006 (CTRCD02)

1. Altitudes - Altitude II
2. Nada - Earthgarden (Jong Remix)
3. Adham Shaikh - Indu
4. Digitalis - Noodles
5. Jong - Unexplored Depths
6. Makyo - Nothing Is Real (Sensual Mix)
7. Solar Quest - Tokers Dream (Remix)
8. EldarLife - Gone Gong
9. Circular - Ambulo
10. Saafi Brothers - Multiverse

V/A Quality Relaxation (Compiled by PKS) Chill Tribe Records 2005 (CTRCD01)

1. Entheogenic - Walk On Air
2. Elysium - Fairytale
3. Shulman - The Unexpected Visitor (Carbon Based Lifeforms Rmx)
4. Ishq - En Soph
5. Jaïa - Missing
6. Cell - Secret Wedding
7. PhasePhour - Unpronounced Numbers
8. Elysium Vs. Space Cat - Dub Connection
9. Altitudes - Altitude 1
10. Blue Planet Corporation - Wild City

I don't trade mp3's etc. at all. Copying kills small labels!

Counting from 15th of March 2007:

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Shpongle Static - Live At Ozora 2019
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Nick Holden - On Holiday By Mistake
добавил релиз Nick Holden - On Holiday By Mistake. over 4 years ago
The Irresistible Force - Kira Kira
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Shpongle - Codex VI
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Padmasana - Padmasana II
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Makyo - Mystic Fire
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Pleiadians - I.F.O. [I.dentified F.lying O.bject]
добавил Pleiadians - I.F.O. [I.dentified F.lying O.bject] в свою коллекцию. over 7 years ago
Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered
добавил Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered в свою коллекцию. over 7 years ago
Various - Analog Dreams
добавил Various - Analog Dreams в свою коллекцию. over 7 years ago
Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun Of The Great East
добавил Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun Of The Great East в свою коллекцию. over 7 years ago
Ott - Fairchildren
добавил Ott - Fairchildren в свою коллекцию. over 7 years ago
Various - Mind Rewind 2 (Past Forward)
добавил Various - Mind Rewind 2 (Past Forward) в свою коллекцию. over 9 years ago
Various - Eclipse 2012 - Following The Eye Of God
добавил релиз Various - Eclipse 2012 - Following The Eye Of God. over 9 years ago
Yod Crewsy And The Dark Marbles - Variety Pack
добавил релиз Yod Crewsy And The Dark Marbles - Variety Pack. over 10 years ago
Sinoesin - Angels Of Altitude
опубликовал обзор из Sinoesin - Angels Of Altitude. over 15 years ago
This seems to be a very over looked piece of vinyl. I know very little about this project, and it doesn't seem like they have continued this project after 1994. Anyway, this sounds really smooth in my ears. A mixture of ambient and electro, done in a... Посмотреть весь обзор
Pleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object)
опубликовал обзор из Pleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object). over 16 years ago
Without doubt the most trippy album I have ever heard! Being a collector of Goa/psytrance since the early 90's, this album is one of those classics that really stands out in my collection. It was made back then when Pleiadians was a full group. When... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Caribbean Eclipse
опубликовал обзор из Various - Caribbean Eclipse. over 16 years ago
This is one of the best releases Flying Rhino ever came out with in my opinion. And that says a lot, because this label kept a high quality from beginning to end. The theme on this compilation is the total solar eclipse that passed over Colombia,... Посмотреть весь обзор
Koxbox - Dragon Tales
опубликовал обзор из Koxbox - Dragon Tales. over 16 years ago
It's very rare I can recommend an album and say that all the tracks are absolutely masterpieces... When this album was released, I was totally blown away hearing the creativity in this album. At the time it was released, it got mixed feedback from the... Посмотреть весь обзор
опубликовал обзор из Ciaran Walsh. over 16 years ago
Ciaran Walsh from the UK has been one of my absolute favourite artists for many years. Every musical project this guy has been involved in has turned out to be absolute masterpieces! His most known project called Deviant Electronics resulted in Goa... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - St.Pauli Dance Core Compilation
опубликовал обзор из Various - St.Pauli Dance Core Compilation. over 16 years ago
A totally underground release. Early techno/trance from beginning of the 90's by mostly German acts. Sadly, there is no information in the cover of who is behind these tracks, so most of these artists are a big mystery. Even the label of this release... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Ripples Of Dub
опубликовал обзор из Various - Ripples Of Dub. over 16 years ago
Bonsai Paradise by Nebula II is an ambient tune, which was the first Nebula 2 video to appear on tv. It was shown on MTV Europe's Dance Party Zone on Friday 18th April 1997 along with Hard Corps. Bonsai Paradise is a nature based piece with water as a theme. Посмотреть весь обзор
Orbital - Blue Album
опубликовал обзор из Orbital - Blue Album. over 16 years ago
The announcement about Orbital leaving us came as a really sad message to me, after following their unique, wonderful music almost from their beginning. Orbital was one of the bands that brought my attention to electronic music for full back in the... Посмотреть весь обзор
Dousk - D.I.Y.
опубликовал обзор из Dousk - D.I.Y.. over 16 years ago
While I find a majority of progressive house releases deadly boring, some pearls show up now and then anyway. This album is one of those that surprised me in a positive way. Pretty easy digestible melodic music from beginning to end, but still the... Посмотреть весь обзор
Orbital - In Sides
опубликовал обзор из Orbital - In Sides. over 16 years ago
This might actually be the album in my record collection I have played the most in my life! When this was released, it absolutely blew me away. From the day I heard this, there was absolutely no way back from electronic music. I remember the first... Посмотреть весь обзор
Sonic Cube - Filter
опубликовал обзор из Sonic Cube - Filter. over 16 years ago
Sonic Cube (Daniel Müller & Ueli Schill) from Germany is out with their second album, this time on the progressive trance label Tribal Vision Records in the Czech Republic. Previously, also Tobias Wirz has been part of the band, but has left to work... Посмотреть весь обзор
Chemicus - PsyTropic Line
опубликовал обзор из Chemicus - PsyTropic Line. over 16 years ago
Psytropic Records in Germany is out with their fourth compilation, as usual compiled by Chemicus. Here they continue releasing full on psytrance by pretty well known names in the scene.

The compilation starts off with an oldtimer in the psytrance... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Beneath The Surface
опубликовал обзор из Various - Beneath The Surface. over 16 years ago
The third release is out on American Native State Records, this time a new compilation. It is compiled by Bluetech who runs the label, and Naasko, who also has made compilations for Canadian Interchill records. As usual the cover art is... Посмотреть весь обзор
Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes
опубликовал обзор из Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes. over 16 years ago
Tegma (Omar Chelly & Jason Orfanidids) based in Sweden are out with their third album, this time on the progressive super label Tribal Vision Records in the Czech Republic. Tegma seems to be changing style a little bit between each album, still... Посмотреть весь обзор
Kiwa - Phat Cat / Disco Infection
опубликовал обзор из Kiwa - Phat Cat / Disco Infection. over 16 years ago
Kiwa from Finland is back! Kiwa is Make Louhio and Matti Elsinen, who has prooved in several releases that they are masters at progressive trance and psychedelic breaks. Now they are out with a new 12inch on Exogenic Records.

The two tracks we get... Посмотреть весь обзор
Bamboo Forest - Revival
опубликовал обзор из Bamboo Forest - Revival. over 16 years ago
After the huge success with a high quality album on Vision Quest and Flying Rhino Records, it seems like Yann Henaff has left the band, and Bamboo Forest has here become a solo project by Stephane Dureisseix. This is something that totally shines... Посмотреть весь обзор
Yuli Fershtat - Hibernation
опубликовал обзор из Yuli Fershtat - Hibernation. over 16 years ago
Iboga Records in Denmark is out with a new compilation called Hibernation, this time compiled by Yuli Fershtat from Israel, also known as BLT, Perfect Stranger, Dozer, Fish and Allto. For sure an oldtimer in the psytrance scene, who has several strong... Посмотреть весь обзор
Flowjob - Support Normality
опубликовал обзор из Flowjob - Support Normality. over 16 years ago
After several tracks on various compilations, Flowjob (Joakim Hjorne & Mads Tinggaard) from Denmark is out with their debut album on Danish Iboga Records. As usual from this label, we receive an album full of drifting progressive sounds.

This album... Посмотреть весь обзор
Shulman - Random Thoughts
опубликовал обзор из Shulman - Random Thoughts. over 16 years ago
One of my absolute favourite artists, Israeli Shulman (Yaniv Shulman & Omri Harpaz), is out with their third album on Aleph Zero Records. Something I have really been looking forward to! This duo has shown better and better skills when it comes to the... Посмотреть весь обзор
Flytronix - Third Encounta
опубликовал обзор из Flytronix - Third Encounta. over 16 years ago
Ahh, The Rhode Tune track! This track gives me a lot of good memories. One of my favourites back in 1996, when I listened the most to breaks... A track that for sure proved that Danny Demierre handled the jazzy side of drum n bass really well. I never... Посмотреть весь обзор
Dead Calm - New Format Jazz / Mood Swingz
опубликовал обзор из Dead Calm - New Format Jazz / Mood Swingz. over 16 years ago
The Mood Swingz track is pretty nice, but I have a feeling that they have totally ripped an old Gong track (the psychedelic rock band) here... At least the "bells" sounds just the same as an old Gong track... Anyway, chilled jazzy breaks that fits... Посмотреть весь обзор
Fuzzion - Black Magic
опубликовал обзор из Fuzzion - Black Magic. over 16 years ago
Fuzzion (Vladimir Kozlov) from Moskow, Russia, is finally out with his debut album on Boshke Beats. He is known for a techy edge on most of his releases, which has become quite many on various compilations by the years. Boshke Beats shows usually a... Посмотреть весь обзор
Planet Dog
опубликовал обзор из Planet Dog. over 17 years ago
Planet Dog is one of the labels I miss the most. A label that brought us some of the most talented musicians we have in the psychedelic electronic music scene. Fantastic organic chill out music from Banco De Gaia, a new world of "alien" techno from... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Solstice Black Compilation #01
опубликовал обзор из Various - Solstice Black Compilation #01. over 17 years ago
Solstice Music in Japan surprise us this time with a new concept, bringing some of the most respected artists from the techno scene and the psytrance scene into one compilation. The cover art we get with this is also pretty refreshing and different... Посмотреть весь обзор
Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods
опубликовал обзор из Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods. over 17 years ago
Naked Tourist based in Berlin, Germany has got pretty good reputation in the so called darkpsy scene lately, with tracks on several different labels such as Glowing Flame, Spontaneous Aerobics, Peak, Manic Dragon, Alkaloid, Temple Twisters and... Посмотреть весь обзор
DJ Edoardo - Neo::Caine
опубликовал обзор из DJ Edoardo - Neo::Caine. over 17 years ago
Neurobiotic Records based in Italy has quickly become one of the most impressive full on labels out there. They also put Italy on the ”trance map” for real, by organizing the Sonica Festival in Italy summer 2005, something they will continue with in... Посмотреть весь обзор
Technodrome - Earthquake
опубликовал обзор из Technodrome - Earthquake. over 17 years ago
Technodrome (Shay Ben Haion & Shay Gannon) is a fresh, new psytrance duo based in Israel, here out with their debut album on Metatron Productions... The cover art we get on this album is probably the ugliest I have seen in a long time.

All the... Посмотреть весь обзор
James Reipas - Uwaga
опубликовал обзор из James Reipas - Uwaga. over 17 years ago
James Reipas is a group from Finland who has previously released an album on Australian Demon Tea Recordings (This Is Not In Fashion). Now they are out with a second album, this time on the Finnish label Freakdance Records, which usually release pure... Посмотреть весь обзор
Neuromotor - Bloody Reality
опубликовал обзор из Neuromotor - Bloody Reality. over 17 years ago
Neuromotor (Frederic Talaa) is out with his third album, this time on the Greek label Acidance Records. This time we get a really fat booklet, where Frederic has written a lot of philosophies about various political stuff etc. As usual he delivers the... Посмотреть весь обзор
Kino Oko - Lost Entertainment
опубликовал обзор из Kino Oko - Lost Entertainment. over 17 years ago
Kino Oko is a solo project by Grzegorz Magnuszewski from Poland, most known for being a part of Bigwigs and Tromesa. Here he delivers an album on the russian technotrance label Horns & Hoofs. He also compiled a compilation for this label in 2005. He... Посмотреть весь обзор
Bluetech - Sines And Singularities
опубликовал обзор из Bluetech - Sines And Singularities. over 17 years ago
Aleph Zero Records based in Israel has for sure put themself on the map among the highest quality chill labels lately, with releases such as the second Shulman album, double Bluetech album and the Natural Born Chillers compilation. Now, they are out... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Street Art
опубликовал обзор из Various - Street Art. over 17 years ago
The productive Tribal Vision Records based in the Czech Republic is out with another progressive compilation. As usual compiled by Slater & Schwa, they deliver a track list of well known artists within the progressive trance/house style.

I am... Посмотреть весь обзор
Psycraft - Computech
опубликовал обзор из Psycraft - Computech. over 17 years ago
Psycraft (Alon Algrasi & Nir Sidon) from Israel is out with their third album on Hommega Productions. As usual, they bring in a lot og guitar into their tracks. Here we also get more vocals than usual, plus a few remixes.

The first track we get... Посмотреть весь обзор
Various - Sanctuary
опубликовал обзор из Various - Sanctuary. over 17 years ago
Interchill Records based in Canada comes here with another chill out compilation, this time trying out a new concept. This is a mixed CD with totally relaxed ambient, which is supposed to be suitable for yoga and meditation. When you hear about this... Посмотреть весь обзор
DNA (5) - The Music
опубликовал обзор из DNA (5) - The Music. over 17 years ago
DNA (Eithan Tanami & Zeev Kardonsky) is a psytrance duo from Israel that seems to be the next stars in the Israeli trance scene. They have released several tracks on various compilations on Phonokol and TIP.World lately. Here they deliver a CD single... Посмотреть весь обзор
POTS* - Creating Social Success
опубликовал обзор из POTS* - Creating Social Success. over 17 years ago
Tribal Vision Records based in the Czech Republic continues their high productivity of releasing progressive trance. Here they are with the second album by Prisoners Of The Sun, also called POTS (Thomas Wilhelmy & Achim Lüthje). Their first album (Are... Посмотреть весь обзор