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опубликовал комментарий на Marvelous 3 - Hey! Album. about 1 year ago
An album so overdue for a vinyl release... too bad they missed out on doing a 20th anniversary 180 gram 2LP gatefold... a 21st anniversary version would be fine too. Or any vinyl release for that matter.

One of the real under the radar gems of the 90s.
опубликовал обзор из Jay Rock (2) - Redemption. about 1 year ago
Mastered so poorly... super quiet and clearly not mastered specifically for a vinyl pressing. Sad, because the beats are immaculate.
опубликовал комментарий на No Artist - An Audio Obstacle Course - Shure Trackability Test Record. about 1 year ago
Are you saying that this audio obstacle course is actually The Maze from Westworld? And therefore, we have Shure to blame for the eventual robot takeover of the human race?
опубликовал комментарий на New Stolen Hearts - (I Need To) Repair My Heart / Ho Happy Day. over 2 years ago
If all music made you feel as good as their version of Ho Happy Day does, the world would be a better place.
опубликовал комментарий на DJ Shadow - Stem/Long Stem (Clams Casino Remix). over 3 years ago
It's actually $23 for a ONE track single!!! Stem/Long Stem is the name of a single song. This listing is currently wrong. I'm not sure if this remix is worth that much, but the HudMo remix of Midnight In A Perfect World definitely is!
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