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pvrt I
I rxbertxxxx cologne stuck 2:00
II rxbertxxxx atmosphere interlude 1:39
III rxbertxxxx but our instincts 1:19
IV rxbertxxxx i'm in the stars and i'm never coming back 1:47
pvrt II
I rxbertxxxx anxiety prelude 1:52
II rxbertxxxx his mask 1:36
III rxbertxxxx exstvsiv stvte of mind 3:12
IV rxbertxxxx we are, different 1:14
pvrt III
I rxbertxxxx euphoriv stvte of mind prelude 1:36
II rxbertxxxx just another love song 0:54
III rxbertxxxx sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in my own mind 1:05
IV rxbertxxxx please, believe me postlude 2:32
pxrt IV
I amoravia* x Indefinity two-faced
Written By – Larry R
II rxbertxxxx i talked about this before interlude 1:18
III rxbertxxxx trinity (alt) 3:24
IV rxbertxxxx SORE 3:58
pvrt V
I rxbertxxxx until time tears us apart 0:51
II rxbertxxxx he finds his peace in his dreams 6:10
III rxbertxxxx unrequited love interlude 1:51
IV rxbertxxxx oklah 3:55
pvrt VI
I amoravia* x malb0x* 73637264 2:05
II rxbertxxxx he hates me doesn't he 3:49
III rxbertxxxx i wish these times could last forever 2:30
IV rxbertxxxx this can't be happening 1:41
pvrt VII
I rxbertxxxx HIM (you know you matter to me) prelude 2:45
II rxbertxxxx HIM (i feel weird) interlude 1:15
III rxbertxxxx HIM (i can't tell reality and my dreams apart anymore) postlude 2:20
IV rxbertxxxx rorschach 2:15
pvrt VIII
I rxbertxxxx we forget we're human 1:41
II rxbertxxxx axiom interlude 1:20
III rxbertxxxx x halfasleep* untitled 3:31
IV rxbertxxxx terra postlude 2:09
pvrt IX
I rxbertxxxx time is running out 4:46
II rxbertxxxx i don't want him to kill himself 4:03
III rxbertxxxx but what if he does interlude 1:56
IV rxbertxxxx who is he postlude 1:31
pvrt X
I rxbertxxxx ICARUS 2:46
II rxbertxxxx postmodern michelangelo 4:20
III rxbertxxxx i keep pushing people away because i don't want them to care for me 2:19
IV rxbertxxxx we were, different 2:26


444 is a portrait of him