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March 8, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
This is Scalar's first release and length wise I'd believe it to be an EP. This is some really unique experimental music as well. It's a great mix of MIDI drums glitched up, some guitar samples stretched, and great drones. It's interesting to note that I get a feeling of some many different genre's all at once. Grindcore even pops up sometimes.

Hivecrusher, track two, is one of the better ones. A great glitch pattern persists for the first while with some great droned loops that are a bit distorted. There's actual notes being played as well so it has a great musical vibe to it. It's not just hammering at a drum pad or pressing random keys. There's a great feeling of Aphex Twin mixed with AE mixed with Morbid Angel...I kid you not!

Track four, Betrayer3, is full on noise. The only noise track on here. Wall noise with an occasionally pause here and there. Some high pitched drones follow as well but for the most part this one needs to be turned way up!

The rest of the disc follows in the same lines as the first three tracks. Great glitch patterns and tonal notes that drone in between. I think the length of the disc is perfect. Any longer and I might have gotten bored as the variation doesn't change a whole lot.

The artwork is a white CDr disc place in a paper sleeve with a clear window. The insert is an excellent looking gold paper print with the Scalar symbol in black. Great fonts too. Overall for a first release this is a great listen.