Exploring Spoken Word, Downtempo, and Post Rock from the 2010s

Various - Saturation Saturday

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Eye Machine Recordings #cd011 File, MP3, 48 + 4xFile, MP3, 320 + 3xFile, MP3, 1 2012

Proyecto Lazarus, Bleak Fiction - Silencio

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m.i.s.t. records ms007 (1) File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMV, Album, Col 2016 Spain

Self-Medication - belie the allies

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Hashmantis SMX-003 File, FLAC, MP3, Album, Col + CD, Album, EP, Col 2015 Canada

Various - 侘寂

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Pimpmelon PM019 99xFile, FLAC, Comp 2013