Exploring US and MP3s from the year 2000

Peter Davison - Adagio Music For Massage

Master Release

Living Arts none 8xFile, MP3 2000 US

Protman - deepSea

Master Release

Fakebeat none 11xFile, MP3, 320 2000 US

Neurobox - Eve

Master Release

Not On Label (Neurobox Self-Released) none 24xFile, MP3, Album 2000 US

Misfits - Happy Halloween

Master Release Needs Changes

Not On Label (Misfits Self-released) none 29xFile, MP3, Unofficial 2000 US

Lonely Trailer - I Give Up

Master Release

eMusic none File, MP3, Album 2000 US

Sneila - Implosion

Master Release

Mp3.com 73552 9xFile, MP3, Album, 128 2000 US

Kim Cascone - Pulsar Studies: Twenty One-Minute Pieces

Master Release

Tiln tiln_011 20xFile, MP3 2000 US

ApologetiX - Spoofernatural

Master Release

Parodudes none 19xFile, MP3, Album 2000 US

Velvet Acid Christ - Twisted Thought Generator

Master Release

Metropolis MET 187 CD, Album, Enh + 11xFile, MP3, 224 2000 US