Exploring Punk, Shoegaze, and CD-ROMs from the 2010s

Various - The Monsters That Ate Uranus

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Orchid Eater OE-001 CD-ROM, Comp 2018 UK

Various - Le Monde Ou Rien

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Le Dictionnaire De L'Emo none CDr, CD-ROM, Comp 2016 France

Apocalipsis (7) - Apocalipsis

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Mula Terca Records MTR001 CD-ROM, Album 2012 Mexico

Neurotic Mirage - Psycho Carnival

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NeuroticMirage 555 CD-ROM, Album, EP 2019 USA & Canada

Carnaval - Miss Universe

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Kapa Records KAP CD 023 CD-ROM, Dig 2016 Slovenia