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Object Collection

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Object Collection was founded in 2004 by writer/director Kara Feely and composer/musician Travis Just

Black Acid (6)

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pains, pointing light to the dark corners of emotional abysses, Nina is building her own archeological collection ... the research of the Emotional Intelligence aspect as the special unique mythica power of humans - an object

William Hawes (2)

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In 1818 he edited in score the great collection of English madrigals, called ‘The Triumphs of Oriana, ... and published; but the suit he brought against the proprietors of the ‘Gazette of Fashion’ with this object ... Besides his songs introduced into plays, his works comprise ‘A Collection of Five Glees and one Madrigal ... He edited a collection of madrigals of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the glees of Spofforth,