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Rita Lynch

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Egypt, Greece and Israel post graduating from her A Levels she moved to Bristol, UK where she formed Rita ... Rita has also been the subject of a documentary by Channel 4 entitled "On the road with Rita Lynch". ... Rita has collaborated with many Bristol artists on her other solo albums and was even a member of The

Rita Saenz

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Rita Sàenz, as one of the pioneer girls who sang a new wave in Lima. ... Returning to Rita, as you mention was crooner in several orchestras, one of his first singles for Sono ... Seeing such success, the teacher Enrique Lynch suggests to Gustavo and Rita, so that they join their ... Rita must still keep that fine voice that made her so popular in those golden years 60 '

Manta Ray

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Wicked games” de Chris Isaak -por su inclusión en la banda sonora de “Wild at Heart” (1990) de David Lynch ... evolución respecto al anterior, y aquí expanden el post-rock del anterior apoyado en electrónica; “Rita