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Trestle Records

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Trestle Records is record label dedicated to putting out new instrumental music, started by four friends

Burrito Records (2)


Burrito was the first label to put out records by Failure Face, Cult Ritual, Scrotum Grinder, Reason ... Suren's days in Flaming Midget, when the band would jokingly count off songs with a hearty, "Uno, dos, tres

LFDS Records

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the Fondeur de Son helps these musicians to maintain their artistic integrity while they aim to reach out ... Dans un contexte qui ne le permet que très difficilement, le Fondeur de Son aide ces musiciens à conserver

Oth Enterprises Corp

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It owns several labels and is one of the few Independents left in the Music Industry, operating out of ... square foot facilities in Houston, Texas, and with a sister company (Frontera Music de Mexico) operating out ... Track Digital & 48 Track Analog), two Music Publishers (Dos Sound Music associated with BMI & Sonido Tres