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Acid Bitches Records ‎– Acid Bitches Records 001
CD, Enhanced
Techno, Acid


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2) - The buyer must make a written claim after the waiting period 14 days following the parcel tracking number.
3) - The seller will open an inquiry with the carrier at receipt of the buyer's claim.
4) - The buyer & the seller will have to wait for the conclusion of the investigation which can last up to several weeks (at least 20 Working Days).
5) - At the end of the conclusion of the investigation, if its result certifies and justifies that the delivery has been made against signature to the address indicated by the buyer, the seller will be legitimate to agree with the conclusions of the investigation. The delivery of the parcel against signature to the address indicated by the seller, to a concierge, a third party, a direct neighbor or an indirect neighbor (Ground Floor) will be considered completed.
6) - However, at the end of the investigation, the buyer persists in challenging its conclusions and in particular the validity of the evidence transmitted; The buyer will have to send to the buyer, as a last resort, by Registered Mail Receipt Acknowledgment, a certificate on handwritten honor of non-receipt, signed and dated, which will reveal all the reference data. The harvester will also attach a usable copy of his identity Card and an official home proof showing the reference delivery address entered in his initial purchase order.
7) - At the end of the conclusion of the investigation, if its result certifies and justifies that the delivery has not been made against signature to the address indicated by the buyer, the seller will make proposals in consultation with the buyer.
8) - Any proposals, partial or full refund of the buyer can only take place after the definitive conclusions of the investigation of the carrier & the proposals of the seller.

- In case of difficulties with an order or delivery, thank you to favor an amicable, respectful & reasonable solution.

- Any claim will be systematically invalid & rejected if it exceeds the 14 day period following the shipping & transmission of the order tracking number of the buyer.

Thank you in advance for your attention and your understanding.

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€11.99 + €27.80 shipping
(about $43.73 total)