Floh De Cologne & Dieter Süverkrüp ‎– Vietnam

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pläne ‎– S 33 101
Vinyl, LP
Rock, Non-Music, Pop
Political, Spoken Word, Krautrock


A1 Einführung
Music By – Markus Schmidt (3)Text By – Floh De Cologne
A2 Ansprache
Arranged By – Gerd WollschonText By – Peter Weiss (5)
A3 Zuerst Kommen...
Music By – Markus Schmidt (3)Text By – Gerd Wollschon
A4 Tango
Compiled By – Floh De CologneText By – Adolf Hitler, Axel C. Springer*, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jean-Paul Sartre, Lyndon B. Johnson, Maxwell Taylor, Robert McNamara (2), U Thant (2)
A5 Western-Ballade
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
A6 Kinderlied I
Music By – Volksweise*Text By – Markus Schmidt (3)
A7 McNamara 62
Text By – Dallas Morning News, Express International, Robert McNamara (2)
A8 Kinderlied II
Music By – Volksweise*Text By – Markus Schmidt (3)
A9 Partisanenbekämpfung
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
A10 Kinderlied III
Music By – Volksweise*Text By – Markus Schmidt (3)
A11 Interview
Compiled By – Gerd WollschonText By – Robert McNamara (2), The Sun (19)
A12 Hexenverbrennung
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
A13 Vater Unser
Text By – Gerd Wollschon
B1 Rein Technisches
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
B2 Zitat
Text By [Aus] – The New York Times
B3 Viet-Test
Music By – Markus Schmidt (3)Text By – Der Spiegel, Markus Schmidt (3)
B4 Führung
Text By – Des Nobelpreisträgers Bertrand Russell*
B5 Wirtschaftsbericht
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
B6 Kapitalismus, 1. Teil
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp
B7 Jack Miller
Text By, Music By – Markus Schmidt (3)
B8 Sprüche
Text By – Arthur Goldberg, Floh De Cologne, George Ball (5), Henry Cabot Lodge, Lyndon B. Johnson, U Thant (2)
B9 Kapitalismus, Letzter Teil
Text By, Music By – Dieter Süverkrüp



Für fünf Sprech- und Singstimmen, Streicher, Bläser, Orgel, Baß, Schlagwerk, Klavier und Gitarren

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€22.00 + shipping
(about $24.18)