Bradley Kincaid ‎– A Man And His Guitar 1927-1950

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JSP Records ‎– JSP77158
Box Set, Compilation
4 × CD
Folk, World, & Country


1-1 Methodist Pie
1-2 Southwood Mountain
1-3 Cindy
1-4 Pretty Little Pink
1-5 Old Joe Clark
1-6 Old Coon Dog
1-7 When The Work's All Done This Fall
1-8 Give My Love To Nell
1-9 Two Little Girls In Blue
1-10 Gooseberry Pie
1-11 Pearl Bryan
1-12 In The Streets Of Laredo
1-13 Angels In Heaven Know I Love You
1-14 Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me
1-15 Sweet Kitty Wells
1-16 Bury Me On The Prairie
1-17 The Fatal Wedding
1-18 Barabara Allen
1-19 The Two Sisters
1-20 Fair Ellen
1-21 Froggie Went A Courtin'
1-22 The Swappin' Song
1-23 Let That Mule Go Aunk Aunk
1-24 Happy Days Long Ago
1-25 Four Thousand Years Ago
2-1 After The Ball
2-2 Charlie Brooks
2-3 The Little Mohee
2-4 A Paper Of Pins
2-5 The Red River Vallley
2-6 The Little Rosewood Casket
2-7 Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain
2-8 Pretty Little Pink
2-9 I Could Not Call Her Mother
2-10 The Blind Girl
2-11 Old Number Three
2-12 Give My Love To Nell
2-13 On Top Of Old Smoky
2-14 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
2-15 Cindy
2-16 My Little Home In Tennessee
2-17 Bury Me On The Prairie
2-18 The Wreck On The C&O Road
2-19 Liza Up In The Simmons Tree
2-20 Methodist Pie
2-21 Sourwood Mountain
2-22 Bury Me Out On The Prairie
2-23 The True And Trembling Brakeman
2-24 A Picture Of Life's Other Side
2-25 The Blind Girl
2-26 I Wonder When I Shall Be Married
2-27 Billy Boy
2-28 I Gave My Love A Cherry
3-1 The Red River Valley
3-2 Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
3-3 The Innocent Prisoner
3-4 I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
3-5 Somewhere, Somebody's Waiting For Me
3-6 For Sale A Baby
3-7 Barbara Allen
3-8 The Fatal Wedding
3-9 After The Ball
3-10 Old Joe Clark
3-11 Two Little Orphans
3-12 Three Wishes
3-13 In The Little Shirt That Mother Made For Me
3-14 Sweet Betsy From Pike
3-15 Mammy's Precious Baby
3-16 The First Whippoorwill Song
3-17 Life Is Like A Mountain Railway
3-18 The Blind Girl
3-19 The Fatal Wedding
3-20 The Fatal Derby Day
3-21 Some Little Bug Is Goin' To Get You Someday
3-22 Long, Long Ago
3-23 The Old Wooden Rocker
3-24 My Mother's Beautiful Hands
3-25 There's A Red Light Ahead
4-1 Ain't We Crazy
4-2 The House Carpenter
4-3 Dog And Gun (an Old English Ballad)
4-4 Down By The Railroad Track
4-5 Sweet Inniscara
4-6 The Foggy Dew
4-7 That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone
4-8 Jimmie Rodgers's Life
4-9 The Death Of Jimmie Rodgers
4-10 Zeb Tourney's Gal (feud Song)
4-11 The Ship That Never Returned
4-12 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
4-13 In The Hills Of Old Kentucky
4-14 Just Plain Folks
4-15 The Fatal Derby Day
4-16 Humming Bird Special
4-17 Those Precious Love Letters
4-18 Footprints In The Snow
4-19 The Legend Of The Robin's Red Brest
4-20 Bush The Dust From That Old Bible
4-20 Ain't We Crazy
4-21 Now The Table's Turn On You
4-22 Blue Tail Fly
4-23 Housekeeper's Tragedy
4-24 I Loved You Better
4-25 My Rooster

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