Catasexual Urge Motivation ‎– Nekronicle Continues - A Journey Into The Morbid Mind Of Serial Murderers Vol. 5 - Killing Spree On Studio Demos

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Bizarre Leprous Production ‎– BLP 0223
CD, Compilation, Remastered
21 Sep 2018
Electronic, Rock
Goregrind, Industrial


1 Sonic Hate Spleen Rupture
2 Hate From The Womb
3 Vivid Stains Of Hematomania's Delirium
4 Never Spend My Time In Wholesome
5 To Kill, And Kill Again (Original Extended Long version)
6 I Am As Beautiful As I Have Killed
7 Mass Murder, The Only Way To Become God
8 Boneyard (Impetigo cover)
9 Bleeding For Spermqueen
10 Sexual Terrorist
11 Fucked By A Priest Pt.2 (Slough cover)
12 Supraliminal Psychosadistic Motivation
13 Homicidal Patterns: Organized / Disorganized
14 Their Eyes Were Watching The Knife In My Hand
15 Philosophical Diary Of An Habitual Murderer
16 World Record 222 Mass Murder A Day
17 Boneyard '96 version (Impetigo cover)
18 Addicated To Raping, Mutilating And Murdering Itself
19 Where There's A Killing, There's My Way
20 Murder: It's A Proof Of One's Conscience And A Necessary Evil Most Necessarily
21 It's A Pure Fuckin' Hatred! Showcase Of Cruelty And Bloodshed
22 Rape And Slaughter Like An American Murderer
23 Whore Is Beautiful Like A God, And God Is Voluptous Like A Whore
24 Murderhatekillkillkill Pt.2 (Extended Long version)
25 The Man Who Aimed At Maximum Murder To The Greatest Pleasure (early version)
26 Murder Is Art, Accepted By Many Artists (Extended Short version)
27 Bloody Pit Of Horror (Ultimo album version) (Impetigo cover)
28 Sinister Urge (Impetigo cover)
29 To Kill And Kill Again (Nekrotronic Extended Short version)


Volume 5 includes infamous "Rape Trauma Syndrome" 95 demo and split demo tape with Goropsy 96, 3 x split 7"EP tracks, as well as never-released-before unreleased materials in fully remixed and remastered sound.

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