Niktkolwiek ‎– Bzaurie

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CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
07 Sep 2012
Black Metal, Avantgarde, Experimental


1 I 2:47
2 II 6:42
3 III 2:08
4 IV 6:42
5 V 4:37
6 VI 2:26
7 VII 6:40
8 VII 6:34
9 IX 7:13



"The author of these recordings did not feel the need for them to be named, and distribute. The material was completed in late summer of 2009. In October the same year S. went to irretrievable journey. Originally he handed me the unsigned tape with these songs. I was the only listener, but some time before that we recorded experimental noise and published it through netlabel called Date with a Corpse. Niktkolwiek is the only signature S. ever used since I knew him (with the exception that he named his ambient-noise project Insect), "bzaurie" on the other hand is a word that he encountered in one of his amazing dreams. This dream seemed to say something about the mystery or fatum, which he sensed in himself. It seems to me that S. did not want to call this album, because it expressed something that defies all form and matter, and in which he seemed to rediscover his true, superhuman identity .

Nichtig" - from the inlay of the CD

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

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€7.99 + shipping
(about $8.78)