Tunkio (2) ‎– Two Years Of Total Shit!!!

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Rehearsal Tape
A1 Carnivorous Lust
A2 Human Sacrifice
A3 Squandered Potential
A4 Sociopath
A5 Dark Satanic Mills
A6 Apocalyptic Realm Of Pain
A7 Bloated Corpses
A8 Extreme Mental Conditioning
A9 Impending Doom
A10 Consumed By Darkness
A11 Sanctioned Slaughter
A12 Brutal Social Hierarchy
Split With Tolerance (2018)
A13 Peripheral Existence
A14 Overcome Your Fears
A15 Lo-Fi Madness
A16 Unethical Consumption
A17 The Summer Is Crazy
Split With Meatus, Mental Mutilation & Tolerance (2018)
A18 Water Contamination
A19 Xenophobic Bastards
A20 Violence Is For The Weak
A21 Banality Of Human Cruelty
A22 False Hope
A23 Height Of Hypocrisy
A24 0.02 Seconds
Written-By – Warsore
Putrefation Of Liquid Pathology Compilation (2019)
B1 Posessed By Pathology
B2 Rituals Of Joy
B3 Another Piece Of Crap
B4 Cerebral Malfunction
Split With Ydinaseeton Pohjola (2019)
B5 Bloated Corpses
B6 Apocalyptic Realm Of Pain
B7 Crushed By Guilt
B8 Sanctioned Slaughter
B9 Carnivorous Lust
B10 Brutal Social Hierarchy
B11 Consumed By Darkness
B12 Dark Satanic Mills
Split With Metastasis & GBS (2019)
B13 Life Of Chaos
B14 Lact Of Trust
B15 False Authority
B16 Pessimist
B17 Open Borders
B18 Untitled (Pus Pox)
B19 Who Is The Real Poser?
B20 Daily Struggles
Live At Vastavirta (2018)
B21 Carnivorous Lust
B22 Human Sacrifice
B23 Consumed By Darkness
B24 False Hope
B25 Tyhmä Humppa 2
B26 Water Contamination
B27 Violence Is For The Weak

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