Erectile Dementia ‎– Slaughterography

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Backwoods Butcher Records ‎– Disgrace-119
CD, Compilation


Split 7" E.P. With Sedem Minut Strachu
1 Oh Well, Part 1
Written-By – Fleetwood Mac
2.1 No One Owes You Shit So Fuck Off
2.2 Burka Of Blood
2.3 A Tepid Drizzle Of Hyperbolic Gibberish
2.4 Spread The Other Cheek
2.5 Beheaded Patriots And Charred Martyrs
2.6 Fraudulent Christian Moralist Fuck Off
2.7 Format Fetish Fuckhead
2.8 Irreversible Aversion To You
2.9 Uninspired Third Generation Tribute Plagiarist
2.10 Fund It Yourself Or Fuck Off
2.11 Culture Oozing From Every Infected Orifice
2.12 Feeble Cliche
V/A "Monsters Of Noise" Compilation CD
3.1 Unborn Fetus Fetish
3.2 Devouring The Necro Muffin
3.3 Thoughts, Prayers & A String Of Malodorous Anal Beads
3.4 Legitimacy Disputed By Online Noisecore Expert
3.5 Chalice Of Sperm
V/A "Invocation Of Obscene Gods" Compilation CD
4 The White Dove Of Peace Is Dead
5 Consolation Prize Winner
6 Feigning Sympathy For Dead Junkies
7 Delectable Ejaculate
8 Baby Bottle Full Of Werewolf Semen
9 Sleazy Used Car Salesman Of Grindcore
V/A "Blue Toad Guy With A Dozen Butts" Compilation Tape
10 Coffee Delirium
11 Shovel Scrapes Casket
12 Last Known Whereabouts
13 Lobotomized By Faith
14 Never-Ending Poetry At Open Mic Night In Hell
15.1 Fatal Cumshot Wound To The Head
15.2 Simultaneous Genital Trauma
16 Human Fetus Fricassee
17 Life's Been Good
Written-By – Joe Walsh
Split 7" E.P. With Madre Coca
18 Cleansing Plague
19 Festering Corpse Alive With Vermin
20 Deine Mutter, Schwanlutscher!
21 Faceless Nemesis
22 Covered In A Thin Film Of Coagulated Blood
23 Network Of Horrendous Inanities
24 Zwanzig Sekunded Schwachsinnige Scheisse
25 Memorial Vomit
26 Feigning Interest In Life
Split 7" E.P. With Final Exit
27 Keep On Fucking Off
28 Coughing Up Other People's Teeth
29 Go Shit Yourself
30 Unrepentant Erection
31 Celebration Of Self-Degradation
32 Hell Is Everywhere
33 Cannibalistic Appropriation 'Til Oblivion
Split 7" E.P. With Stabbed To Death
34 Skulls Of The Victims
35 Desperate To Play A Losing Hand
36 Violent Dissuasion With Serrated Blade
37.1 Horny In Hanoi
37.2 Malignant Stupidity
37.3 Imbecilic Transmission
37.4 Standing Ovation For Societal Collapse
37.5 Orangutan Temple Mantra
38 You Have Always Been The Very Worst
V/A "Abominations Of Rock" Compilation Tape
39 Indiscernable Shapes At The Foot Of The Bed
40 Human Sterilization With A Fork
41 Esophageal Accomodation Of Engorged Appendage
42 Preemptive Self-Deprecation Doesn't Diminish Your Worthless Nature
43 Annoying Curse Of Christendom
44 Buried Beneath The Floorboards
45 Hectic Rejection Of All Proposed Endeavors
46 Absolute Superiority On Every Level
47 Translucent Porno Princess
48 I Dream Of Napalm
49 The Interloper
V/A "Peace / War 2015" Compilation CD
50 Abortos
Written-By – ShIt S.A.
"Kiss Every Ass And Suck Every Dick" 7" E.P.
51 Ascension To The Golden Realms Beyond Rationality
52 Tumultuous Miscommunication
53 Fecal Cathedral
54 Axiom Of The Idiot Trade
55 Tell Me Less
56 The Basic Human Right To Effortless Convenience
57 Closet Full Of Half-Ass Limited Edition Lathe Cut Collector's Trinkets
58 Infamous On The Internet
59 Dead Lifting 666 Pounds Of War Metal Demo Tapes
60 One Million Excuses For Being A Junkie Piece Of Shit
61 You're The Fucking Expert
62 Kiss Every Ass And Suck Every Dick
V/A "Forbidden Fruits Of Rock N' Roll, Volume 2" Compilation CD
63 I Don't Care
Written-By – Ramones
"Dismal Visions" 7" E.P.
64 Impresario Of Cataclysmic Endeavors
65 Humiliation By Moonlight
66 Dismal Visions Of Mediocre Assholes Violently Murdering Each Other
67 Eat Your Degenerate Children
68 Intentionally Inhaling Noxious Fumes
69 Reprehensible Gestation
70 Baptismal Regurgitation
71 Stains Of The Father
72 Inner-Sanctum Sleazery
73 Massage Parlor Massacre
74 Endless Fucking Idiot
75 Anal Epiphany
76 Den Of Weasels
77 Hellish Spiders
78 Self-Molestation On Rotting Altars
79 Nuclear Fairytale
80 The Whimpering Corpse
81 Discombobulated Brainwaves
82 Cursed And The Cursed Again
83 Terminal Insomnia
84 Moralistic Oanism
85 Casket Distraction
86 Shit-Spattered Throne Of The Mongoloid King
Split 7" E.P. With Crowd Surfers Must Die
87 Achilles Last Heel
88 Brutality By Numbers
89 Penetration In Another Dimension
90 Everything Is Stupid
91 Adversarial Frenzy
92 Inhaling Razors
93 Fuck What You Think
94 Self-Inflicted Gamma Morser Head Wound
95 Venereal Hysteria
96 I Love Pornography
97 Another Excremental Contribution To The Social Toilet
98 Acanthuses Nigricas
V/A "Wheel In The Sky" Compilation CD
99 Aqualung
Written-By – Jethro Tull


Recorded 2013-2016 on the Backwoods Butcher mobile unit in Kentucky
Mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios
Artwork by Omega Anfuhrer, Ry-Animator, Rob Nabbe, Frank Oblak & Noiseape
Omega Anfuhrer - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth & Vocals

Track 1-2 from Sedem Minút Strachu / Erectile Dementia - Are You Man Enough For Noisecore? / Ultra-Deluxe Noisecore Ripoff
Track 3 from "Monsters Of Noise" compilation
Track 4-9 from Various - Invocation Of Obscene Gods
Track 10-17 from Various - Blue Toad Guy With A Dozen Butts
Track 18-26 from Erectile Dementia / Madre Coca - Erectile Dementia / Madre Coca
Track 27-33 from Erectile Dementia / Final Exit (2) - Final Exit / Erectile Dementia
Track 34-38 from Erectile Dementia / Stabbed To Death - Erectile Dementia / Stabbed To Death
Track 39-49 from "Abominations Of Rock" compilation
Track 50 from Various - PEACE / WAR
Track 51-62 from Erectile Dementia - Kiss Every Ass And Suck Every Dick
Track 63 from Various - Forbidden Fruits of Rock N Roll Vol II
Track 64-86 from Erectile Dementia - Dismal Visions
Track 87-98 from Erectile Dementia / CSMD - Erectile Dementia / CSMD
Track 99 from Various - Wheel In The Sky: A Tribute To Metallica

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