Neuropathia ‎– Neuropathitic Stories

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Cassette, Compilation


A1 November Of The Dead
A2 Burial Ground
A3 Eat Your Shit
A4 The Dinner - I Need Meat
A5 Splatter Gore Department
A6 State Institution For Mentally Ill
A7 Live Cemetery (Zombie Holocaust)
A8 Vanishing Symptoms Of Life
A9 Pleasure Bounds
A10 Searching For New Tortures
A11 Vaginismus
A12 Day Of The Dead
A13 State Institution For The Mentally Ill
A14 Sperminator (Gut)
A15 Ingrowing Agony
A16 Disgorging Fetus (Regurgitate)
A17 Mr. Stench's Story
A18 Cannibalistic Consumption Of Human Flesh
A19 Useless Organ
A20 Day Of The Dead
A21 Authoritets
A22 Ulcus Venosum
A23 Disgusting Stench Of Putrid Whore Body
A24 Short Days Of Freedom
B1 Deceiver (Napalm Death Cover)
B2 Fuck The Nazi Bastards (Malignant Tumour Cover)
B3 Instinct Of Survival (Napalm Death Cover)
B4 Fridge Full Of Bowels
B5 Rotting Anal
B6 Shit Box
B7 Pain Factory
B8 Pungent Exterment
B9 Malignant Impetigo
B10 Stil Dead
B11 Harwester
B12 Sore On Ass
B13 Gut (Cover)
B14 Agathocles (Cover)
B15 Autoritets (part 1)
B16 Some Gore In Your Eye (part 1)
B17 Autoritets (part 2)
B18 Some Gore In Your Eye (part 2)
B19 Genital Grinder (Carcass Cover)
B20 Day Of The Dead
B21 Festered Remains
B22 Mr. Stench's Story
B23 Ingrowing Agony
B24 Decom-Posers (Haemorrhage Cover)
B25 Vanishing Symptoms Of Life
B26 State Institution For The Mentally Ill
B27 Cannibalistic Consumption Of Human Flesh
B28 Live Cemetery
B29 Amen (Outro)


Compilation Tapes which includes
Gore Stories (1999)
Promodemon (1998)
Body Parts (1997)
Look At Your Face (1997)
Body Art (1997)

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£7.50 + shipping
(about $9.74)