Various ‎– Goodbye, Babylon

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6 × CD, Compilation
Box Set
Funk / Soul, Blues, Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country
Gospel, Sermon


1-1 Rev. T.T. Rose And Singers Goodbye, Babylon - Pt.1 2:57
1-2 Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb? 2:52
1-3 Roosevelt Graves And Brother Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus) 2:53
1-4 Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Present Joys 2:54
1-5 Blind Lemon Jefferson All I Want Is That Pure Religion 3:14
1-6 J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers Satisfied 2:43
1-7 Chuck Wagon Gang As The Life Of A Flower 2:41
1-8 Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers Thou Carest Lord, For Me 3:02
1-9 Washington Phillips Lift Him Up That's All 3:31
1-10 Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet* Rock My Soul 2:00
1-11 Ernest V. Stoneman's Dixie Mountaineers* There's A Light Lit Up In Galilee 2:47
1-12 Arizona Dranes Crucifixion 3:32
1-13 The Blue Chips (6) Crying Holy Unto The Lord 2:48
1-14 Louvin Brothers* I'll Never Go Back 2:41
1-15 Mahalia Jackson God's Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares 3:08
1-16 Luther Magby Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit 3:11
1-17 Rev. Gary Davis I Belong To The Band - Hallelujah! 3:15
1-18 Carter Family* River Of Jordan 2:38
1-19 Lil McClintock Sow Good Seeds 3:13
1-20 Bryant's Jubilee Quartet I'll Be Satisfied 2:47
1-21 Frank Palmes Troubled 'Bout My Soul 2:53
1-22 Bascam Lamar Lunsford* Dry Bones 3:01
1-23 Carlisle Brothers Jesus My All 2:29
1-24 Taskiana Four Creep Along, Moses 2:44
1-25 Tennessee Music And Printing Company Quartet Joy Bells 3:07
1-26 Elder David Ross He Gave Me A Heart To Love 2:16
1-27 Bessie Jones And The Sea Island Singers* O Day 4:30
Deliverance Will Come
2-1 Brother Claude Ely There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down 2:52
2-2 Elder Curry And Congregation* Memphis Flu 3:04
2-3 Sister O. M. Terrell The Bible's Right 2:50
2-4 Stanley Brothers* Standing In The Need Of Prayer 2:02
2-5 Carl Smith (3) With The Carter Sisters And Mother Maybelle* The Blood That Stained That Rugged Old Cross 2:22
2-6 Thomas A. Dorsey How About You 2:58
2-7 Skip James Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader 3:02
2-8 Charles Butts Sacred Harp Singers Murillo's Lesson 3:21
2-9 Kentucky Ramblers Glory Glory Glory Glory To The Lamb 2:38
2-10 Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers Come Over Here 3:05
2-11 Jaybird Coleman I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan - Some O' These Days 3:06
2-12 Trumpeteers* Milky White Way 2:34
2-13 Johnson Family Singers Deliverance Will Come 2:16
2-14 North Carolina Cooper Boys Daniel In The Den Of Lions 2:56
2-15 Sister Cally Fancy Goin' On To Heaven In The Sanctified Way 3:02
2-16 Jimpson* No More, My Lord 2:09
2-17 King's Sacred Quartette The World Can't Stand Long 2:42
2-18 Virginia Dandies God's Getting Worried 2:42
2-19 Empire Jubilee Quartet Get Right Church 2:41
2-20 Rosie Hibler And Family Move Members Move 2:00
2-21 Huggins & Phillips Sacred Harp Singers Lover Of The Lord 2:41
2-22 A.A. Gray And Seven Foot Dilly The Old Ark's A Moving 2:59
2-23 Blind Roger Hays On My Way To Heaven 2:59
2-24 Uncle Dave Macon The Bible's True 3:02
2-25 Price Family Sacred Singers Ship Of Glory 2:55
2-26 Elders McIntorsh And Edwards* Since I Laid My Burden Down 3:19
2-27 Elder Effie Hall And Congregation Precious Lord, Hold My Hand 2:18
2-28 Blind Willie Davis When The Saints Go Marching In 2:02
2-29 Roaring Lion* With Cyril Monrose String Orchestra Jonah, Come Out The Wilderness 2:37
3-1 Dinwiddie Colored Quartet Down On The Old Camp Ground 2:33
3-2 Norfolk Jubilee Quartet My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race 2:57
3-3 Edward W. Clayborn* Your Enemy Cannot Harm You (But Watch Your Close Friend) 3:02
3-4 McVay & Johnson Ain't Gonna Lay My Armour Down 3:12
3-5 James* And Martha Carson I'll Fly Away 2:26
3-6 Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (2) Heavenly Vision 3:04
3-7 Blind Willie Johnson Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying 3:03
3-8 The Jubilee Gospel Team Lower My Dying Head 3:05
3-9 Two Gospel Keys You've Got To Move 2:47
3-10 Flatt And Scruggs* With Foggy Mountain Boys* That Home Above 2:22
3-11 Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet* Golden Gate Gospel Train 2:38
3-12 Roosevelt Graves And Brother I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called) 2:32
3-13 Eddie Head And His Family* Down On Me 3:09
3-14 Blind Joe Taggart Goin' To Rest Where Jesus Is 3:14
3-15 Louis Washington Got Heaven In My View 3:13
3-16 Rev. Sister Mary Nelson Judgement 2:23
3-17 Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers I Want Two Wings To Veil My Face 2:47
3-18 Rev. D.C. Rice And Sanctified Congregation* We Got The Same Kinda Power Over Here 2:56
3-19 Washington Phillips What Are They Doing In Heaven Today 3:17
3-20 T. C. I. Women's Four* That Great Day 2:52
3-21 North Canton Quartet I'm Bound For Home 2:55
3-22 Washington White I Am In The Heavenly Way 3:08
3-23 Sam Morgan's Jazz Band Over In The Glory Land 3:22
3-24 Rev. Anderson Johnson Death In The Morning 2:48
3-25 Maddox Brothers & Rose* In The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old 3:05
3-26 Dock Walsh Bathe In That Beautiful Pool 3:00
3-27 Hank Williams And The Drifting Cowboys* I'll Have A New Body 2:30
4-1 Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper* Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill 3:03
4-2 Sheffield Quartet Christ Arose 3:01
4-3 Thomas A. Dorsey If You See My Saviour 2:53
4-4 The Jubilee Gospel Team Let Jesus Lead You 3:15
4-5 Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet* Found A Wonderful Saviour 2:25
4-6 Arizona Dranes And Choir* He Is My Story 3:13
4-7 Ernest V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers I Remember Calvary 3:31
4-8 Blind Willie Johnson Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There 2:59
4-9 Rev. W.M. Mosley If You Follow Jesus 2:48
4-10 Blind Benny Paris And Wife Hide Me In The Blood Of Jesus 2:35
4-11 Wade Mainer I'll Be A Friend To Jesus 2:44
4-12 Tennessee Mountaineers Standing On The Promises 2:41
4-13 Mother McCollum Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane 3:23
4-14 Stovepipe No.1 I've Got Salvation In My Heart 3:00
4-15 Blind Alfred Reed I Mean To Live For Jesus 2:51
4-16 Heavenly Gospel Singers When Was Jesus Born? 3:13
4-17 Blue Sky Boys Come To The Saviour 2:53
4-18 Dorothy Melton I Want Jesus To Walk With Me 2:41
4-19 Laura Henton He's Coming Soon 3:01
4-20 OKeh Atlanta Sacred Harp Singers* Return Again 3:19
4-21 Rev. Gary Davis I Am The True Vine 3:19
4-22 Bela Lam And His Greene County Singers Sweet Story Of Old 2:45
4-23 Elder Golden P. Harris* I'll Lead A Christian Life 3:21
4-24 Famous Blue Jay Singers* I'm Leaning On The Lord 3:12
4-25 Blind Willie Harris Where He Leads Me I Will Follow 3:20
4-26 Luther Magby Jesus Is Getting Us Ready For The Great Day 3:03
Goodbye, Babylon
5-1 Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk* Daniel Saw The Stone 3:11
5-2 Alfred G. Karnes Called To The Foreign Field 3:11
5-3 Ridgel's Fountain Citians Hallelujah To The Lamb 2:41
5-4 Deacon A. Wilson You Need Jesus On Your Side 3:14
5-5 Pace Jubilee Singers You'd Better Mind 3:09
5-6 J.T. Allison's Sacred Harp Singers* Exhilaration 3:06
5-7 Ernest Phipps & His Congregation If The Light Has Gone Out Of Your Soul 3:00
5-8 Brown's Ferry Four Keep On The Firing Line 2:34
5-9 Bailes Brothers Romans Ten And Nine 2:54
5-10 Wade Mainer Standing Outside 3:05
5-11 Monroe Brothers Sinner You Better Get Ready 2:37
5-12 Blind Willie McTell I Got To Cross The River Of Jordan 4:39
5-13 Dock Reed And Vera Hall Ward* Free At Last 1:38
5-14 Bessie Johnson's Sanctified Singers The Whole World In His Hand 3:00
5-15 Mahalia Jackson Amazing Grace 2:20
5-16 Blind Mamie Forehand Honey In The Rock 2:44
5-17 Seventh Day Adventist Choir On Jordan's Stormy Banks We Stand 2:41
5-18 Elder J.E. Burch My Heart Keeps Singing 3:09
5-19 Joshua White* I Don't Intend To Die In Egyptland 2:58
5-20 Daniels-Deason Sacred Harp Singers Primrose Hill 2:57
5-21 Carter Family* Keep On The Sunny Side 2:51
5-22 Mrs. L.Reed* And Mrs. T.A.Duncans* Light In The Valley 3:39
5-23 The Georgia Peach* When The Saints Go Marching In 2:45
5-24 Jimmie Strothers We Are Almost Down To The Shore 2:21
5-25 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Strange Things Happening Every Day 2:45
5-26 Rev. T.T. Rose And Singers Goodbye, Babylon - Pt.II 2:55
6-1 Reverend J.M. Gates* Gettin' Ready For Christmas Day 3:02
6-2 Rev. A.W. Nix Black Diamond Express To Hell Pt.I 2:52
6-3 Rev. A.W. Nix Black Diamond Express To Hell Pt.II 3:03
6-4 Rev. J.C. Burnett* The Downfall Of Nebuchadnezzar 2:52
6-5 Rev. Isaiah Shelton The Liar 3:02
6-6 Rev. Emmett Dickenson Hell And What It Is 2:52
6-7 Elder J.E. Burch The Church And The Kingdom 3:28
6-8 Rev. T.E. Weems If I Have A Ticket Lord Can I Ride? 3:00
6-9 Rev. Benny Campbell* You Must Be Born Again 2:39
6-10 Rev. E.D. Campbell Take Me To The Water 3:14
6-11 The Jubilee Gospel Team Oh Lord, Remember Me 3:13
6-12 Rev. E.S. (Shy) Moore Christ, The Teacher 3:02
6-13 Rev. Johnnie Blakey* King Of Kings 3:16
6-14 Elder Otis Jones O Lord I'm Your Child 3:06
6-15 Rev. Webb Moses Was Rescued By A Negro Woman 3:01
6-16 Rev. George Jones And Congregation The White Mule Of Sin 3:08
6-17 Deacon Leon Davis Deacon's Prayer Services 2:55
6-18 Rev. S.J. "Steamboat Will" Worell The Prodigal Son 3:05
6-19 H.C. Gatewood Well Of Salvation 3:31
6-20 Rev. F.W. McGee Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale 3:23
6-21 Rev. J.C. Burnett* The Gambler's Doom 3:19
6-22 Hallelujah Joe The Prodigal's Return (The Things I Usta Do I Don't Do No More) 2:59
6-23 Rev. T.E. Weems God Is Mad With Man 3:05
6-24 Rev. J.M. Milton The Black Camel Of Death 3:06
6-25 Rev. J.M. Gates With His Congregation* Death Might Be Your Santa Claus 3:00



Comes with a 200 page book of Bible verses, complete lyric transcriptions, and notes for each track. Housed in a 8" x 11" x 2.5" cedar box, packed with raw cotton.

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