Hyperemesis / Hypoprothrombinemia ‎– Gastric Marginal Ulcers After Pancreaticoduodenectomy With Pancreaticogastromy Due To Delayed Gastric Emptying And Helicobacter Pylori Infection / Cystic Lesions Of The Liver Dysontogenic Cysts And Haemangioma Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, Hamartoma And Liver Cell Carcinoma Are Primary Malignant Hepatiocellular Cholangiocellular Carcinoma

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1 Hyperemesis Bowel Perforation With Candidiasis
2 Hyperemesis Encephalopathy Secondary To Abusive Gasoline Inhalation
3 Hyperemesis Urgent Hemorrhoidectomy For Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis
4 Hyperemesis Endophtalmitis In Intravenous Drug Abuse
5 Hyperemesis Acute Perforation Of The Small Intestine Due To Tubercolosis
6 Hyperemesis Thrombocytosis In Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia
7 Hyperemesis Subcutaneous Abscess Drainage
8 Hyperemesis Necrotising Arteritis In Amoebic Colitis
9 Hyperemesis Vomit Breath
Cover – Regurgitate
10 Hyperemesis Pseudomonas Pericarditis Complications Cystic Fibrosis
11 Hypoprothrombinemia Hydronephrosis Due Hydropneumoperitoneum Which Causes Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Mixture Of Adenocarcinoma Sarcoma Cells And Stroma Called Malignant Mixed Mullerium Tumours And Sarcomatorio Of Epithelia Cancer
12 Hypoprothrombinemia Lymphoblastic Leukaemia And Bronchogenic Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Systemic Lupus Erythematosis Chronically Swollen Oedematous Of Lymphangiosarcoma Lymphocytosis And Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma
13 Hypoprothrombinemia Transthoracic Subtotal Esophagectomy For Hepatocellular Carcinoma With Cirrhotic Liver Due To Rectal Cancer And Bilobar Hepatic Metastases Where Lymp Node Dissected With Total Gastrectomy And Esophagojejeunostomy To End Intestinal Anastomosis
14 Hypoprothrombinemia Right Hepatectomy With Cholecystectomy For Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Invaded Nodes In The Drainage Area Infiltrated By A Malignant Growth And Embryonal Argentaffinoma Mesothelioma, Proximal Subtotal Gastrectomy For Stomach Adenocarcinoma And Cardioesophaegeal Cancer With Advance Remnant Gastric Cancer
15 Hypoprothrombinemia Endoluminal Surgery Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery Resection Of A Sessile Rectal Polyp Extended Right Hemicolectomy With Intracorporeal Anastomosis Transvers Colon Cancer And Right Hepatectomy Is Hilar Dissected With Ligation Of Hepatic Artery Portal Vein And Right Biliary Duct
16 Hypoprothrombinemia Acidophilic Body Ballooned Hepatocyle And Mononuclear Inflammation Of Hepatitis Fatty Change And Neutrophilis Of Alcoholic Hepatitis Accumulation Of Fluid In The Peritoneum Will Cause Hepatic Encephalopathy And Hepatocellular Carcinoma From The Surrounding Normal Liver Tissue

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