Suppression ‎– Placebo Reality

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Chaotic Noise Productions ‎– CNPR-60
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Punk, Grindcore


A1 Hate Plague
A2 The Mold
A3 Rats In Your Livingroom
A4 Casual Lavishness
A5 Cops On Horseback
A6 Guard Down
A7 Blowhole
Lyrics By – Dustin Lee
A8 Choose Your Own Apocalypse
A9 Modern Day Eugenics
A10 Extra Ordinary
A11 Contagious Stupidity
A12 Hulking Omnibus
A13 Bubbling Flesh
A14 Night Of The Meteor
A15 The Drain
A16 Digital Forcefield
A17 Eating Your Brains
A18 Thin Veil Of Reality Part 1
A19 Faceless
A20 Frankenfuhrer
A21 Emotional Parasite
A22 Shit Peddlers
A23 Restricted
A24 Der Toten Korp
A25 Thee Devourer
A26 Drowning In The Gene Pool
A27 From Beneath The Streets
A28 Giant Pulsating Brain
A29 Unpayable Debts
A30 Electro Shock
A31 Eternal Oppression
A32 Acid Eyes
A33 Possession
A34 A Mausoleum On Every Corner
A35 Self Surveillance
A36 Hotline
A37 Banished
A38 Reposession
B1 In Absentia
B2 Mandatory Poverty
B3 Invisible Men
B4 Poison Me
B5 Draining The Swamp
B6 Suppressive Persons
B7 Invaders From Beyond
B8 Deep Fried
B9 Compartamentalized
B10 Chop Top
B11 Duration
B12 Under The Radar
B13 Dirt Collector
B14 Invaders Reprise
B15 Bleeding You Dry
B16 Clean Brains
B17 Undercover Asshole
B18 Illusion Of A Threat
B19 Off Duty
B20 Clinical Plagiarism
B21 Bullshit Talks
B22 Mutant Spawn
B23 Prison Daycare
B24 Just Before Dawn
B25 Black Holes
B26 Lucid
B27 Rocknroll Asshole
B28 Nightmare City
B29 Census
B30 Drone Swarm
B31 Stupid Man
B32 Super Soldier
B33 Dead Cold Eyes
B34 Dick Fear
B35 Death Junkies
Vocals – Mike Paparo


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