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DVDr, DVD-Data, Compilation, Second Edition
02 Feb 2012
Electronic, Classical, Folk, World, & Country


1 Heidika There Is No Cure 3:51
2 Heidika Transmitter 3:50
3 Heidika Gravity Falls 3:41
4 Heidika Dyad 2:28
5 Heidika Undertow 6:22
6 Heidika Wingless 2:03
7 Carousell A Stone Ploy 8:45
8 Carousell Redolent 9:52
9 Carousell Of Something Lost 5:59
10 Carousell Again Itself 10:34
11 Harlassen What The River Said 14:58
12 Harlassen An Eddy Of The Blood 14:58
13 Harlassen A Way Now 8:40
14 Carousell Stolen Ground 35:28
15 A Broken Consort In The Hanged Air 7:28
16 A Broken Consort A Momentary Sun 4:16
17 A Broken Consort And All Their Silver & Gold 7:56
18 A Broken Consort For Nothing 2:34
19 A Broken Consort The Longing Day 6:32
20 A Broken Consort A Momentary Sun (Reprise) 14:54
21 Riftmusic Riftmusic (Part One) 19:54
22 A Broken Consort A Sundering Path 10:08
23 A Broken Consort Weight Of Days 8:42
24 A Broken Consort Something Fell 11:28
25 A Broken Consort The Elder Lie 6:56
26 Clouwbeck Andalevesarewe 7:50
27 Clouwbeck Anlauesargh 12:56
28 Clouwbeck Anlewesearche 7:14
29 A Broken Consort A Mercy Kill 19:40
30 Heidika Tide Of Bells 19:18
31 A Broken Consort A Sundering Path 10:10
32 A Broken Consort Weight Of Days 9:12
33 A Broken Consort Something Fell 11:37
34 A Broken Consort The Elder Lie 7:34
35 A Broken Consort Mountains Ash 12:10
36 A Broken Consort The River 13:45
37 A Broken Consort Beneath 4:22
38 Carousell Artery 8:45
39 Carousell Gathering 2:54
40 Carousell Black Swallow 5:52
41 Carousell And The Orchard 3:01
42 Carousell Which Is The Blood 4:27
43 Carousell Of Old Enchantments 4:35
44 Carousell Owl Lanterns 6:23
45 Carousell The Clearing 4:02
46 Richard Skelton Noon Hill Wood 8:27
47 Richard Skelton Scar Tissue 1:56
48 Richard Skelton Threads Across The River 8:20
49 Richard Skelton Green Withins Brook 4:27
50 Richard Skelton Of The Last Generation 7:07
51 Richard Skelton Undertow 6:27
52 Richard Skelton Voice Of The Book 7:27
53 Richard Skelton Rapture 2:01
54 Richard Skelton Pariah 4:44
55 Richard Skelton River Song 6:38
56 Richard Skelton Remaindered 5:35
57 Richard Skelton The Shape Leaves 7:02
58 Clouwbeck Come The Aegir 16:31
59 Clouwbeck The Water's Burden 16:16
60 Richard Skelton Grange 3:13
61 Richard Skelton Shore 7:02
62 Richard Skelton Fold 6:22
63 Richard Skelton Heys 7:32
64 Richard Skelton Brook 7:58
65 Richard Skelton Lowe 3:19
66 Richard Skelton Stake 5:28
67 Richard Skelton Ford 8:16
68 Clouwbeck Gossan 9:40
69 Clouwbeck Leached 7:30
70 Clouwbeck Black Sands 2:23
71 Clouwbeck Oxide 5:36
72 Clouwbeck Placer 8:08
73 Clouwbeck Lodes 9:48
74 A Broken Consort Day Reveals 1:12
75 A Broken Consort A Mercy Kill 5:51
76 A Broken Consort Like Rain 2:49
77 A Broken Consort Mountains Ash 12:17
78 A Broken Consort The River 13:38
79 A Broken Consort Beneath 4:03
80 A Broken Consort Leaves 4:47
81 A Broken Consort Severance 5:20
82 Saddleback Gerroa Thursday 6:15
83 Heidika Limn (Original Version) 3:10
84 Richard Skelton The Shape Leaves (Early Version) 6:54
85 Heidika Limn (Reworked) 3:15
86 Machinefabriek & Richard Skelton Daas 7:42
87 Heidika Bark, Xylem 6:24
88 Richard Skelton The Bitter Shore 5:20
89 Richard Skelton Black Combe 6:25
90 Carousell The Clearing (Alternate Version) 7:58
91 Carousell Proximity 4:08
92 A Broken Consort Severance, Part Two 7:12
93 A Broken Consort The River Beneath 19:54
94 Richard Skelton Rapture (Reprise) 36:16

Companies, etc.


Published by Sustain-Release Private Press.

Second Edition: 2nd February, 2012.

All content excluding contributed material,
copyright © Richard Skelton, 2005-2011.

Spring Is Upon Us © Tony Herrington, 2011.
Ghosts © Andrew Male, 2011.

The authors' moral rights have been asserted.

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A collection of high quality, 320kbps mp3's on a single DVDr. This edition is accompanied by a 122-page book featuring a full discography, artwork, poem fragments, liner notes and introductory essays.
Track 94 is a bonus track not included in the First Edition.

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£45.99 + shipping
(about $57.25)