Various ‎– Sounds Like Shit - An International Grindcore Compilation Vol. 1

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Cassette, Album, Compilation
26 Dec 2018


A1 Deterioration Causing A Ruckus
A2 Deterioration Why Are You Still Breathing
A3 Deterioration KromeKap Warhead
A4 Clogged Loosely Grafted On
A5 Clogged Snogging In The Drains
A6 Clogged Corpse Malfunction
A7 Clogged Sharing
A8 Clogged Spot The Corpse
A9 Tolerance (12) Parasitic Lifestyle
A10 Tolerance (12) False Enthusiasm
A11 Tolerance (12) Toxic Macho Attitude
A12 Tolerance (12) Learn Some Empathy
A13 Tolerance (12) Paranoid Society
A14 Tolerance (12) Know Yourself
A15 Tolerance (12) Lack Of Ideals
A16 Tolerance (12) Endless Emotional Support
A17 Tolerance (12) Reclaim Your Life
A18 Tolerance (12) Restrict Your Consumption
A19 Tolerance (12) Bullshit Tradition
A20 Rot Intro
A21 Rot Post Mortal Promisses
A22 Rot Sheeple (Mental Paralysis)
A23 Rot Worshipping Their Own Chains
A24 Archagathus Pseudo Apologizer
A25 Archagathus More Guns
A26 Archagathus Fight Your Way Through
A27 Archagathus The Problem With Cops
A28 Archagathus Hit In The Head
A29 Archagathus Excruciating Regurgitation
A30 Archagathus Unhinged
A31 Archagathus Foolish, Fake, False
B1 Truth Of All Death Perspective Breached
B2 Truth Of All Death Hang Time!
B3 Truth Of All Death Wrong Scene, Wrong Reasons (Fuck Pornogrind!)
B4 Haggus Terminal Hypochondria
B5 Haggus Pustulating Appendage
B6 Haggus Mind Games
B7 Gourmet (6) The Fed Shall Fed Remain
B8 Gourmet (6) Dead Confection
B9 Gourmet (6) Unchallenged Plate
B10 Gourmet (6) Examination Of Aromatic Remains (Smelling Of The Leftovers)
B11 Gourmet (6) Bread Shall Rise
B12 Gourmet (6) Gastricular Trauma
B13 Gourmet (6) From Ingestion To Metabolism
B14 Gourmet (6) Be It Freid, Boiled Or Grilled
B15 Gourmet (6) Irradiating The Reconstituted
B16 Sulfuric Cautery Strangulation
B17 Sulfuric Cautery Days Of Torture
B18 Sulfuric Cautery Intestinal Decorations
B19 Sulfuric Cautery Cadaverlanche
B20 Weedeous Mincer Fast Motorised Gore Punk
B21 Weedeous Mincer I Spoil Your Blood
B22 Weedeous Mincer Decapitated Head Of Cop On The Altar Of Jah
B23 Weedeous Mincer Another Bad Acid Trip
B24 Weedeous Mincer 1% Straight Edge

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