Jon Seagroatt, Ian Staples, Bobbie Watson ‎– Deathless

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Future Vinyl (2) ‎– CD1501
CD, Album, Stereo
04 Feb 2015
Electronic, Classical
Leftfield, Contemporary, Experimental


1 opening; Asterion; Horns’ cradle (song with drones). 02:30
2 Daidalos fashions one automaton and later, one labyrinth. 04:32
3 Catches in the curdling air the musk and salt of Attic fear / pauses / moves forward priapic. 04:49
4 interlude 1; Crouched beast-like / pauses / eyes rolling back, throat opening / pauses / moves forward, inexorable. 01:58
5 The Minotaur sits exhausted, knuckles skinless, toes sticky with blood, head in hands. 05:04
6 The Minotaur classifies the tunnels of the Labyrinth into their correct species, and calls out the long poem of their enumeration. 04:05
7 exegesis 1; The Minotaur maps and re-maps the Labyrinth in his mind’s eye, proposing, at its centre, a heterotopia. 01:15
8 In flight from Knossos (its teeming streets labyrinthine) the Minotaur sings a great lament. 05:30
9 interlude 2; In Babel, for Ishtar, the Minotaur scratches with a stick his plan for a great library. 01:08
10 The Minotaur, tearful and repentant, joins a flagellant procession on its way to Kloster Eberbach. 05:59
11 exegesis 2; The Minotaur sits, stunned and appalled, in Bunyan's Salvage. 02:35
12 The Minotaur, his heart racing, recognises the Labyrinth. Leans forward, clicks 'like'. 05:59
13 coda; Consolation; a kind of life (song with drones). 02:12


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£10.00 + £4.00 shipping
(about $17.50 total)