Death Squad ‎– Collected Documentation - 1997 North American Tour

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3 × CD, Book
31 May 2021
Electronic, Non-Music
Interview, Noise, Experimental, Ambient


CD1-1 KCPR 91.3 Dark Market Broadcast (Excerpt) 8:13
CD1-2 Zoot's Coffeehouse 25:38
CD1-3 CHUO 89.1 Radio Shakuhachi (Promo + Excerpt) 5:47
CD1-4 Vinyl Locust Store 14:03
CD1-5 WVUA 90.7 (Excerpt) 8:24
CD1-6 Sound Exchange
Recorded By – Keith Brewer
CD2-1 The Moroccan Café 12:53
CD2-2 KTRU 96.1 The Genetic Memory Show 19:21
CD2-3 Unknown Live Show (Excerpt) 7:42
CD2-4 KRCL 90.9 18:20
CD2-5 1st Ave. Café & Lounge (Excerpt) 4:07
CD2-6 CJAM 91.5 - Misanthropy 511 (Excerpt) 4:45
CD2-7 Salon Zwerge (Excerpt) 6:32
CD3-1 WLUW 88.7 Something Else Radio Show 21:23
CD3-2 KDSU 91.9 Trout Mask Radio (Part One - Interview) 8:15
CD3-3 KDSU 91.9 Trout Mask Radio (Part Two - Set / Interview) 23:17
CD3-4 KDSU 91.9 Trout Mask Radio (Part Three - Interview) 9:24
CD3-5 The Terminal Bar (Excerpt) 6:19


200 page 8.5 x 11 softcover book:
145 photos, 33 handouts, 47 flyers, writings, documents and an extensive interview.
3 CDs of unreleased live shows and radio performances.
Edition of 300

CD1-1 Recorded 1997-25-03 at KCPR 91.3 Dark Market Broadcast - San Luis Obispo, California (USA)
CD1-2 Recorded 1997-24-06 at Zoot’s Coffeehouse – Detroit, Michigan (USA)
CD1-3 Recorded 1997-14-05 at CHUO 89.1 Radio Shakuhachi – Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
CD1-4 Recorded 1997-30-06 at Vinyl Locust – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)
CD1-5 Recorded 1997-15-07 at WVUA 90.7 – Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA)
CD1-6 Recorded 1997-13-04 at Sound Exchange – Houston, Texas (USA)

CD2-1 Recorded 1997-29-07 at The Moroccan Café – Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
CD2-2 Recorded 1997-21-07 at KTRU 96.1 The Genetic Memory Show – Houston, Texas (USA)
CD2-4 Recorded 1997-29-07 at KRCL 90.9 – Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
CD2-5 Recorded 1997-07-07 at 1st Ave. Café & Lounge – Fargo, North Dakota (USA)
CD2-6 Recorded 1997-23-06 at CJAM 91.5 Misanthropy 511 – Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
CD2-7 Recorded 1997-17-06 at Salon Zwerge – Chicago, Illinois (USA)

CD3-1 Recorded 1997-15-06 at WLUW 88.7 Something Else Radio Show – Chicago, Illinois (USA)
CD3 2-4 Recorded 1997-06-07 at KDSU 91.9 Trout Mask Radio – Fargo, North Dakota (USA)
CD3-5 Recorded 1997-01-07 at The Terminal Bar – Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

Label description:

In 1997 Michael Nine set off on his first tour as Death Squad. Beginning in Northern California, where he lived, the tour was an ambitious six month journey across the United States and into Canada, comprised of sixty shows. Amidst the chaos he managed to extensively document his experiences, taking close to four hundred photos and preserving flyers, posters and handouts.

After decades of touring, Michael looks back at this first venture and shares his recollections; digging into the memories of each show, the people and places encountered along the way. The reader is taken on this journey and plunged into the underground noise scene. The highs, lows and absurdities are amplified.

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