Sum 41 ‎– Does This Look Infected?

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Aquarius Records (3) ‎– Q2 00666
CD, Album
DVD, DVD-Video
26 Nov 2002
Hip Hop, Rock
Pop Rock, Punk, Pop Punk


Position Title/Credits Duration
CD-1 The Hell Song 3:18
CD-2 Over My Head (Better Off Dead) 2:29
CD-3 My Direction 2:02
CD-4 Still Waiting 2:38
CD-5 A.N.I.C. 0:37
CD-6 No Brains 2:46
CD-7 All Messed Up 2:44
CD-8 Mr. Amsterdam 2:56
CD-9 Thanks For Nothing 3:04
CD-10 Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid 2:32
CD-11 Billy Spleen 2:32
CD-12 Hooch 3:28
DVD - Cross The T's And Gouge Your I's
DVD-1 Reign Of Pain
DVD-2 Pizza Heist And Other Crap
DVD-3 Campus Invasion
DVD-4 Going Going Gonorrhea
DVD-5 Sum More Crap
DVD-6 Rock Out With Your Cock Out
DVD-7 Reign In Pain
DVD-8 WWVII Part1 & Part 2
DVD-9 Long Way To Fall
DVD-10 Nothing Frequency
DVD-11 Short Fuse
DVD-12 Ill Blood

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CA$5.00 + CA$28.00 shipping
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