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Union Square Music ‎– USMTVCD001
CD, Compilation
DVD, DVD-Video


Position Title/Credits Duration
The Hits
CD-1 One Step Beyond 2:19
CD-2 Baggy Trousers 2:27
CD-3 House Of Fun 2:45
CD-4 Our House 3:10
CD-5 Embarrassment 3:04
CD-6 My Girl 2:41
CD-7 It Must Be Love 3:20
CD-8 Wings Of A Dove 2:59
CD-9 The Sun And The Rain 3:28
CD-10 Grey Day 3:38
CD-11 NW5 3:48
CD-12 Cardiac Arrest 2:52
CD-13 Tomorrow's Just Another Day 3:14
CD-14 Driving In My Car 3:18
CD-15 Bed And Breakfast Man 2:31
CD-16 Lovestruck 3:50
CD-17 One Better Day 4:01
CD-18 Michael Caine 3:34
CD-19 Return Of The Los Palmas 7 2:33
CD-20 The Prince 3:20
CD-21 Shut Up 2:51
CD-22 Madness 2:38
CD-23 Night Boat To Cairo 3:24
The Music Videos
DVD-1 One Step Beyond
DVD-2 Baggy Trousers
DVD-3 House Of Fun
DVD-4 Our House
DVD-5 Embarrassment
DVD-6 My Girl
DVD-7 It Must Be Love
DVD-8 Wings Of A Dove
DVD-9 The Sun And The Rain
DVD-10 Grey Day
DVD-11 NW5
DVD-12 Cardiac Arrest
DVD-13 Tomorrow's Just Another Day
DVD-14 Driving In My Car
DVD-15 Bed And Breakfast Man
DVD-16 Lovestruck
DVD-17 One Better Day
DVD-18 Michael Caine
DVD-19 Return Of The Los Palmas 7
DVD-20 The Prince
DVD-21 Shut Up
DVD-22 Night Boat To Cairo

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$26.30 + $10.75 shipping

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