Bungus ‎– The First Two Years

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Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation, Pink
26 Jan 2014


Split 7" With Soy
A1 Compounds//Null
A2 Left To Bleed
A3 Tenchu
A4 Feast Of War
Written By – Assück
Split Cassette With Satanic Blood Ritual
A5 Crystal Math
A6 I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream
A7 Cease To Exist
A8 Fake D.I.L.F.S Get Bent
A9 Stool Pigeon
A10 Flow My Tears The Policeman Said
Written By – Discordance Axis
Unreleased 2013 Shit
A11 Scene Leech
A12 What's Left Of Me
A13 Tetsuo
A14 Burger Flip
A15 Legal Guardian
Dank Dads E.P.
A16 Secularizer
A17 Beetle Borgz
A18 Fvck
A19 Hype Machine
A20 Go Skank Into A Hole
A21 H.S.U.G.
A22 Enemy Youth
A23 Shoe Nice 666 Eats Insect Warfare In 33 Seconds
A24 Forced To Participate In Father Son Activities
A25 Dehumanize Yourself And Face To Bloodshed
A26 Disposal Of Refuse
A27 Kim Jong Il Taught Me How To Grind
A28 What's Left Of Me
A29 Snakes
A30 Police State Of Mind
A31 Bungdis
A32 Pro$$-Po$$
A33 Smoke Pcp, Get Naked, And Upset
A34 Taco Time Moustache 2014
A35 Frat Boy Fucking Die
Live On C.F.U.V.
B1 Pross-Poss
B2 Enemy Youth
B3 What's Left Of Me
B4 H.S.U.G.
B5 Dehumanize
B6 Police State Of Mind
B7 Snakes
B8 Scene Leech
B9 Disposal Of Refuse
B10 Taco Time
B11 Frat Boy Fucking Die
B12 Shoe Nice 666 Eats Insect Warfare In 33 Seconds
B13 Smoke P.C.P.
B14 Beetle Borgz
B15 Noise
B16 Xgerogerigegegex
Live At The Bung Haus
B17 Enemy Youth
B18 Kim Jong Il Taught Me How To Grindcore
Demo II
B19 Secularizer
B20 Beetle Borgz
B21 Taco Time Moustache
B22 Bungdis
B23 Disposal
B24 Kim Jong Illin'
B25 Smoke P.C.P.
B26 Enemy Youth
B27 Pro$$-Po$$
B28 Frat Boy Fucking Die
B29 Forced
B30 Fuck
B31 Tech Diff
B32 Fuck 2 Mince
Demo I
B33 1
B34 2
B35 3
B36 4
B37 5
B38 6
B39 7
B40 8


First two years of releases compiled on tape. Limited to 100 copies.

20 on Pink (THIS)
20 on White
20 on Blue
20 on Orange
20 on Black

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£3.50 + shipping
(about $4.55)