Ancestral Legacy ‎– Nightmare Diaries

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Femme Metal Records ‎– FMR008
CD, Album, Digipack
01 Mar 2010
Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal


1 Out Of The Dark And Into The Night 6:11
2 Separate Worlds 5:43
3 Chosen Destiny 5:25
4 Perhaps In Death 7:25
5 Trapped Within The Wind 2:49
6 Done 5:30
7 Still 6:33
8 Tomorrow's Chance 4:50
9 ...My Departed 5:21
10 The Shadow Of The Cross 6:21

Seller's Shipping Information

First let me point out that my only negative feedback so far was from a guy who did not reply to my request for sending options. I always prefer to give the buyer a chance to pay as low postage cost as possible, thus I will ask if you want CDs shipped with or without jewel case if that is an option.

Buyer pays for shipping. NO BARGAINING! My CDs (at least the ones I have bought as new myself) are always in a very good condition, and I always put my prices around the lowest offers, so my prices should anyway be fair enough compared to others. Ok?

I prefer to work with weight rather than items, as one CD can vary quite much in weight depending on format, number of pages of booklet etc, thus this can affect the postage costs quite conciderably. I always want to make this as reasonable as possible for the buyer, shipping without jewel case, safely packed, is always recommended, but we of course do it the way you prefer. :)

A complete list of rates:

Up to 100 grams (usually 1 digipack or slimcase CD, or two cardboard cover (promo) CDs. My experience is that regular jewel case CDs ALWAYS weighs more than 100 grams, and when they do, it costs me more to ship, sadly...

Postage is reduced a bit because of a weak NOK towards EUR, so your benefit. :)

Europe: 3 Euros, elsewhere: 4 Euros

100 - 350 grams (usually 1-3 CDs):
Europe: 5 Euros, elsewhere: 6 Euros

350 - 1000 grams (usually 4 - 10 CDs):
Europe: 11 Euros, elsewhere: 13 Euros

And of course MUCH more expensive if you want it sent in a registered letter. Damn the Norwegian postal "service"...

€10.00 + shipping