Harumi Fujita ‎– Pulstar The Definitive Soundtrack

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Brave Wave ‎– GS-009
Generation Series – GS-009
Vinyl, LP, Blue
Vinyl, LP, Silver
All Media, Album
USA & Europe
Sep 2019
Electronic, Stage & Screen
Soundtrack, Video Game Music


Position Title/Credits Duration
Neo Geo AES Version
A1 Mission (Title Demo)
A2 Strain (Start Demo)
A3 Back Alive (Stage 1)
A4 Cry Out Enemy (Stage Boss)
A5 Stirring (Stage Clear)
A6 Seen Through (Stage 2)
A7 Wrath Of Earth (Stage 3)
A8 The Jupiter Spirit (Stage 3 Boss)
A9 Cheer Up (Stage 4)
B1 Forest Of Planet (Stage 5)
B2 Foul Smell (Stage 6)
B3 Dark Nebula - Ankoku Seiun (Stage 7)
B4 End Of War (Stage 8)
B5 Galactic Ruler (Final Stage - Final Boss)
B6 Revive (Ending)
B7 Ocean War (Continue)
B8 Game Over
B9 Head Waver (Name Entry)
Neo Geo CD Version
C1 Mission (Title Demo)
C2 Strain (Start Demo)
C3 Back Alive (Stage 1)
C4 Cry Out Enemy (Stage Boss)
C5 Stirring (Stage Clear)
C6 Seen Through (Stage 2)
C7 Wrath Of Earth (Stage 3)
C8 The Jupiter Spirit (Stage 3 Boss)
C9 Cheer Up (Stage 4)
D1 Forest Of Planet (Stage 5)
D2 Foul Smell (Stage 6)
D3 Dark Nebula - Ankoku Seiun (Stage 7)
D4 End Of War (Stage 8)
D5 Galactic Ruler (Final Stage - Final Boss)
D6 Revive (Ending)
D7 Ocean War (Continue)
D8 Game Over
D9 Head Waver (Name Entry)

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