King Crimson ‎– Islands

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Discipline Global Mobile ‎– KCSP4, Panegyric ‎– KCSP4
CD, Album, Remastered, Reissue
DVD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Multichannel, Stereo
All Media, Digipak
UK & Europe
04 Oct 2010
Prog Rock


Position Title/Credits Duration
2010 Stereo Mix
CD-1 Formentera Lady 10:17
CD-2 Sailor's Tale 7:35
CD-3 The Letters 4:29
CD-4 Ladies Of The Road 5:34
CD-5 Prelude: Song Of The Gulls 4:17
CD-6 Islands 12:02
Bonus Tracks
CD-7 Islands (Studio Run Through With Oboe Prominent) 2:02
CD-8 Formentera Lady (Take 2) 2:23
CD-9 Sailor's Tale (Alternate Mix/Edit) 3:37
CD-10 A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls (Previously Unreleased) 3:55
CD-11 The Letters (Rehearsal/Outtake) 2:43
CD-12 Ladies Of The Road (Robert Fripp & David Singleton Remix) 5:43
Original Album 5.1 Remix
DVD-1 Formentera Lady 10:17
DVD-2 Sailor's Tale 7:35
DVD-3 The Letters 4:29
DVD-4 Ladies Of The Road 5:34
DVD-5 Prelude: Song Of The Gulls 4:17
DVD-6 Islands 12:02
2010 Stereo Mix
DVD-7 Formentera Lady 10:17
DVD-8 Sailor's Tale 7:35
DVD-9 The Letters 4:29
DVD-10 Ladies Of The Road 5:34
DVD-11 Prelude: Song Of The Gulls 4:17
DVD-12 Islands 12:02
Original Master Edition 2004
DVD-13 Formentera Lady 10:17
DVD-14 Sailor's Tale 7:35
DVD-15 The Letters 4:29
DVD-16 Ladies Of The Road 5:34
DVD-17 Prelude: Song Of The Gulls 4:17
DVD-18 Islands 12:02
Islands: The Alternate Album
DVD-19 Formentera Lady (Take 2) 2:23
DVD-20 Sailor's Tale (Alternate Mix/Edit) 3:37
DVD-21 The Letters (Rehearsal/Outtake) 2:43
DVD-22 Ladies Of The Road (Rough Mix)
DVD-23 A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls (Previously Unreleased) 3:55
DVD-24 Islands (Studio Run Through With Oboe Prominent) 2:02
Routes To Islands
DVD-25 Pictures Of A City (Islands Lineup Rehearsal)
DVD-26 Sailor's Tale (Islands Lineup Rehearsal)
DVD-27 Islands (Fragment: Robert Fripp Reference Cassette - Mellotron On Vibes Setting)
DVD-28 Formentera Lady (Rough Mix)
DVD-29 Sailor's Tale (Rough Mix)
DVD-30 Drop In (Early Rehearsal By Islands Lineup)
DVD-31 The Letters (Live At Plymouth)
Mastered By – David Singleton
DVD-32 Sailor's Tale (Live At The Zoom Club)
Mastered By – David Singleton
Additional Tracks: Assorted Ladies
DVD-33 Ladies Of The Road (Robert Fripp & David Singleton Remix)
DVD-34 Ladies Of The Road (Take 5)
DVD-35 Formentera Lady (Take 1)
DVD-36 Formentera Lady (Take 3)
DVD-37 Formentera Lady (Take 4)

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