Lou Reed ‎– The RCA & Arista Album Collection

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Sony Music ‎– 88843038032, Legacy ‎– 88843038032
17 × CD, Album, Remastered
Box Set, Compilation
07 Oct 2016
Rock, Pop
Pop Rock, New Wave, Glam, Art Rock, Noise, Avantgarde, Industrial


Position Title/Credits Duration
Lou Reed
1-1 I Can't Stand It
1-2 Going Down
1-3 Walk And Talk It
1-4 Lisa Says
1-5 Berlin
1-6 I Love You
1-7 Wild Child
1-8 Love Makes You Feel
1-9 Ride Into The Sun
1-10 Ocean
2-1 Vicious
2-2 Andy’s Chest
2-3 Perfect Day
2-4 Hangin’ ‘Round
2-5 Walk On The Wild Side
2-6 Make Up
2-7 Satellite Of Love
2-8 Wagon Wheel
2-9 New York Telephone Conversation
2-10 I’m So Free
2-11 Goodnight Ladies
3-1 Berlin
3-2 Lady Day
3-3 Men Of Good Fortune
3-4 Caroline Says I
3-5 How Do You Think It Feels
3-6 Oh Jim
3-7 Caroline Says II
3-8 The Kids
3-9 The Bed
3-10 Sad Song
Rock N Roll Animal
4-1 Intro / Sweet Jane
4-2 Heroin
4-3 White Light/White Heat
4-4 Lady Day
4-5 Rock ‘N’ Roll
Sally Can't Dance
5-1 Ride Sally Ride
5-2 Animal Language
5-3 Baby Face
5-4 N.Y. Stars
5-5 Kill Your Sons
5-6 Ennui
5-7 Sally Can’t Dance
5-8 Billy
Metal Machine Music
6-1 Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1
6-2 Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2
6-3 Metal Machine Music, Pt. 3
6-4 Metal Machine Music, Pt. 4
Coney Island Baby
7-1 Crazy Feeling
7-2 Charley’s Girl
7-3 She’s My Best Friend
7-4 Kicks
7-5 A Gift
7-6 Ooohhh Baby
7-7 Nobody’s Business
7-8 Coney Island Baby
Rock And Roll Heart
8-1 I Believe In Love
8-2 Banging On My Drum
8-3 Follow The Leader
8-4 You Wear It So Well
8-5 Ladies Pay
8-6 Rock And Roll Heart
8-7 Chooser And The Chosen One
8-8 Senselessly Cruel
8-9 Claim To Fame
8-10 Vicious Circle
8-11 A Sheltered Life
8-12 Temporary Thing
Street Hassle
9-1 Gimmie Some Good Times
9-2 Dirt
Street Hassle
9-3 a Waltzing Matilda
9-3 b Street Hassle
9-3 c Slipaway
9-4 I Wanna Be Black
9-5 Real Good Time Together
9-6 Shooting Star
9-7 Leave Me Alone
9-8 Wait
Live Take No Prisoners
10-1 Sweet Jane
10-2 I Wanna Be Black
10-3 Satellite Of Love
10-4 Pale Blue Eyes
10-5 Berlin
10-6 I’m Waiting For The Man
11-1 Coney Island Baby
11-2 Street Hassle
11-3 Walk On The Wild Side
11-4 Leave Me Alone
The Bells
12-1 Stupid Man
12-2 Disco Mystic
12-3 I Want To Boogie With Yo
12-4 With You
12-5 Looking For Love
12-6 City Lights
12-7 All Through The Night
12-8 Families
12-9 The Bells
Growing Up In Public
13-1 How Do You Speak to an Angel
13-2 My Old Man
13-3 Keep Away
13-4 Growing Up In Public
13-5 Standing On Ceremony
13-6 So Alone
13-7 Love Is Here To Stay
13-8 The Power Of Positive Drinking
13-9 Smiles
13-10 Think It Over
13-11 Teach The Gifted Children
The Blue Mask
14-1 My House
14-2 Women
14-3 Underneath The Bottle
14-4 The Gun
14-5 The Blue Mask
14-6 Average Guy
14-7 The Heroine
14-8 Waves Of Fear
14-9 The Day John Kennedy Died
14-10 Heavenly Arms
Legendary Hearts
15-1 Legendary Hearts
15-2 Don’t Talk to Me About Work
15-3 Make Up Mind
15-4 Martial Law
15-5 The Last Shot
15-6 Turn Out The Light
15-7 Pow Wow
15-8 Betrayed
15-9 Bottoming Out
15-10 Home Of The Brave
15-11 Rooftop Garden
New Sensations
16-1 I Love You, Suzanne
16-2 Endlessly Jealous
16-3 My Red Joystick
16-4 Turn To Me
16-5 New Sensations
16-6 Doin’ The Things That We Want To
16-7 What Becomes A Legend Most
16-8 Fly Into The Sun
16-9 My Friend George
16-10 High In The City
16-11 The Great Defender (Down At The Arcade)
17-1 Mistrial
17-2 No Money Down
17-3 Outside
17-4 Don’t Hurt A Woman
17-5 Video Violence
17-6 Spit It Out
17-7 The Original Wrapper
17-8 Mama’s Got A Lover
17-9 I Remember You
17-10 Tell It To Your Heart

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