Kermit Schafer ‎– All Time Great Bloopers Vol. 3 & 4

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MCA Records ‎– MCA2-4117
2 × Vinyl, LP, Gatefold
Interview, Comedy, Spoken Word, Movie Effects


Position Title/Credits Duration
Volume 3
A1 Story Teller
A2 Mr. Keene
A3 Sound Effects
A4 Eddie Peabody
A5 Duke And Duchess
A6 Morey Amsterdam
A7 NBC Network
A8 Abe Lincoln
A9 Happy New Year
A10 Empty Bunk
A11 A&P
A12 Bikini
A13 Farm Contest
A14 New Year's Eve
A15 Recipe
A16 Salute
A17 Station Break
A18 Program Schedule
A19 Friendly
A20 Station Break
A21 Horse Race
A22 Salome
A23 Maneshevitz Wine
A24 Wake Up Commercial
A25 Public Service
A26 Fog
A27 Dedication
A28 Bedsheets
A29 Hubert Humphrey
A30 Children's Program (BBC)
A31 Gruen Watch
A32 Natural Born Citizen
A33 Evening Melodies
A34 Howdy Doody
A35 I Love Lucy
A36 Russian News Item
A37 Strike It Rich
B1 Space Flight
B2 Bulova Watch
B3 Overhead
B4 Bank Robbery
B5 Band Music
B6 Quiz Show
B7 Jane Russell
B8 Beer Commercial
B9 Washing Machine
B10 What's My Line?
B11 Wrestler
B12 Winchell Keyhole
B13 Book Reviewer
B14 Tea Commercial
B15 Novice Announcer
B16 Song Medley
B17 Twin Daughters
B18 British Hit List
B19 Streakers
B20 Weather Girl
B21 Gabby Hayes
B22 Laundry
B23 Ship Launching
B24 Tintex
B25 U.S. Open Winner
B26 King Motors
B27 Doris Day
B28 Crossed Wires
B29 4-H Plaque
B30 UN
B31 Quiz Show
B32 War Report
B33 Tullulah Bankhead
B34 Upstate
Volume 4
C1 Introduction/News Bulletin
C2 Scarlet Pimpernel
C3 Laundromat
C4 Weather Forecaster
C5 Peace Flag
C6 Tune In
C7 Lowell Thomas Break Up
C8 Music Selection
C9 Tale Of Two Cities
C10 Make A Wish
C11 Suicide
C12 Ice Cream Commercial
C13 Pittsburgh Gas Company
C14 Local News
C15 Myrt And Marge
C16 Freighter
C17 "Margie"
C18 Waves
C19 Needle Stuck
C20 Birth Notices
C21 Philly Cigars
C22 Taj Mahal
C23 Peace
C24 U.S. Steel
C25 Breakfast
C26 Hogan Golf
C27 Sea Captain
C28 Weather Man
C29 Cigarette Cut In
C30 Etiquette
C31 Kid Show
C32 Kinsey Report
C33 64 Dollar Question
C34 Prize Dog
C35 House For Sale
C36 Junior
C37 News Review
C38 Large Family
D1 Lowell Thomas/Hershey, Pa.
D2 Ace Passer
D3 Battle Veteran
D4 Indigent Ball Players
D5 Fried Chicken
D6 Special CBS-TV
D7 Technical Difficulties
D8 Super Sonic Transport
D9 Religious Timing
D10 Open Mike
D11 Flip Side
D12 Public Service
D13 Octopus
D14 Women's Lib
D15 Moscow (NBC)
D16 Hospital Nurse
D17 Coffee/Tobacco
D18 UN
D19 Horse Owner
D20 Mattress Prize
D21 Brazier Commercial
D22 Safety In The Bedroom
D23 Senator Fullbright
D24 Sam Snead
D25 TV Exercise
D26 Surprise

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