Final Draft / Fissure (3) ‎– Final Draft / Fissure

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Grindpromotion ‎– GRIND029
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition, White
10 Oct 2015
Hardcore, Grindcore, Power Violence


Position Artists Title/Credits Duration
A1 Final Draft Days Of The Weak
A2 Final Draft Destroyed Cities
A3 Final Draft Reign In Fear
A4 Final Draft Socially Diseased
A5 Final Draft Sworn To Life
B1 Fissure (3) You're Looking Kinda Red, St. Peter
B2 Fissure (3) I'm Throwing Away My People Skills Like I Threw Away My Dignity
B3 Fissure (3) Welcome To The Fourth Annual 100 Meter Juggalo Dash
B4 Fissure (3) Peruvian Necktie
B5 Fissure (3) Burning Down Neverland
B6 Fissure (3) 57 Dead Flies (The Devil Still Lives)

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CA$6.00 + CA$16.00 shipping
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