Asia (2) ‎– Live At The Budokan Arena Tokyo, Japan 1983

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Box Set, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Remastered, Stereo
2 × Vinyl, LP, White & Yellow
2 × CD
10 Jun 2022
Rock, Pop
Prog Rock


Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 Introduction From Mark Goodman (MTV)
A2 Time Again
Written-By – Carl Palmer, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Steve Howe
A3 The Heat Goes On
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
A4 Here Comes The Feeling
Written-By – John Wetton, Steve Howe
A5 Eye To Eye
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
B1 Steve Howe Solo (Sketches In The Sun)
Written-By – Steve Howe
B2 Only Time Will Tell
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
B3 Open Your Eyes
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
B4 Geoffrey Downes Solo (Ihiri-The Setting Sun/Bolero)
Written-By – Geoff Downes
C1 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Written-By – John Wetton
C2 Wildest Dreams
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
C3 Carl Palmer Solo
Written-By – Carl Palmer
C4 Heat Of The Moment
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
D1 Sole Survivor
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
D2 Cutting In Fine
Written-By – Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Wetton
D3 Daylight
Written-By – Wetton/Downes
CD1-1 Introduction From Mark Goodman (MTV) 0:50
CD1-2 Time Again 5:14
CD1-3 The Heat Goes On 4:49
CD1-4 Here Comes The Feeling 5:30
CD1-5 Eye To Eye 3:44
CD1-6 Steve Howe Solo (Sketches In The Sun) 3:53
CD1-7 Only Time Will Tell 5:08
CD1-8 Open Your Eyes 7:11
CD1-9 Geoffrey Downes Solo (Ihiri-The Setting Sun-Bolerao)) 3:59
CD1-10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 2:01
CD1-11 Wildest Dreams 5:15
CD1-12 Carl Palmer Solo 3:49
CD1-13 Heat Of The Moment 7:21
CD1-14 Sole Survivor 8:23
CD1-15 Cutting It Fine 5:36
CD1-16 Daylight 4:35
CD2-1 Introduction From Mark Goodman (MTV) 0:41
CD2-2 Tme Again (2022 Remix) 5:13
CD2-3 The Heat Goes On (2002 Remix) 4:42
CD2-4 Here Comes The Feeling (2022 Remix) 5:28
CD2-5 Eye To Eye (2022 Remix) 3:50
CD2-6 Steve Howe Solo (Sketches In The Sun) (2022 Remix) 3:56
CD2-7 Only Time Will Tell (2022 Remix) 5:01
CD2-8 Open Your Eyes (2022 Remix) 6:46
CD2-9 Geoffrey Downes Solo (Ihiri/The Setting Sun/Bolero) (2022 Remix) 3:27
CD2-10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2022 Remix) 2:01
CD2-11 Wildest Dreams (2022 Remix) 5:09
CD2-12 Carl Palmer Solo (2022 Remix) 3:17
CD2-13 Heat Of The Moment (2022 Remix) 7:18
CD2-14 Sole Survivor (2022 Remix) 7:50
CD2-15 Cutting It Fine (2022 Remix) 5:52
CD2-16 Daylight (2022 Remix) 4:40
BLUE RAY 1 Introduction From Mark Goodman (Mtv)
BLUE RAY 2 Time Again
BLUE RAY 3 The Heat Goes On
BLUE RAY 4 Here Comes The Feeling
BLUE RAY 5 Eye To Eye
BLUE RAY 6 Steve Howe Solo (Sketches In The Sun)
BLUE RAY 7 Only Time Will Tell
BLUE RAY 8 Open Your Eyes
BLUE RAY 9 Geoffrey Downes Solo (Ihiri-The Setting Sun-Bolero)
BLUE RAY 10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
BLUE RAY 12 Wildest Dreams
BLUE RAY 12 Carl Palmer Solo
BLUE RAY 13 Heat Of The Moment
BLUE RAY 14 Sole Survivor

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