Various ‎– Swedish Death Metal

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Index Verlag ‎– INDEX 022-1
5 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue, Silver
Box Set, Limited Edition, Reissue, Silver
05 Aug 2023
Death Metal


Position Artists Title/Credits Duration
Volume 1
A1 Mefisto Betrayed Truth
A2 Obscurity (2) Demented
A3 Corpse (6) Rise Again
A4 Merciless (2) Souls Of The Dead
A5 Morbid Wings Of Funeral
A6 Nihilist (2) Abnormally Deceased
A7 Putrefaction Putrefaction Remains
B1 Carnage (4) Torn Apart
B2 Therion Megalomania
B3 Carbonized Final Chapter
B4 Expulsion Darkside
B5 Grave (2) Brutally Deceased
Volume 2
C1 Entombed But Life Goes On
C2 Sorcery Descend To The Ashes
C3 Tribulation (2) Irrevocable Act
C4 Afflicted Convulsion Consumed In Flames
C5 Dismember Dismembered
C6 Nirvana 2002 Mourning
D1 Dismember Override Of The Overture
D2 Grave (2) Into The Grave
D3 Unleashed Before The Creation
D4 General Surgery Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
D5 Carbonized Recarbonized
D6 Afflicted Tidings From The Blue Sphere
Volume 3
E1 Grotesque Submit To Death
E2 At The Gates City Of Screaming Statues
E3 Liers In Wait Bleeding Shrines Of Stone
E4 Marduk Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
E5 Dissection Black Horizons
F1 Tiamat Ancient Entity
F2 Edge Of Sanity Enigma
F3 Cemetary Nightmare Lake
F4 Therion Symphony Of The Dead
Volume 4
G1 Desultory The Chill Within
G2 Seance Reincarnage
G3 Toxaemia Beyond The Realm
G4 Furbowl Shark Heaven
G5 Traumatic (4) A Perfect Night To Masturbate
H1 Macrodex Necrophilicide
H2 House Of Usher (2) Rather Black
H3 Crypt Of Kerberos The Ancient War
H4 Eternal Darkness Psychopath
H5 Repugnant Spawn Of Pure Malevolence
Volume 5
I1 Interment Morbid Death
I2 Uncanny (2) Transportation To The Uncanny
I3 S.G.R.* Die In Agony
I4 Suffer (5) Human Flesh
J1 Evocation Through The Darkened Peril
J2 Sarcasm (6) In Hate…
J3 Crematory (2) Enshrouded (In The River Of Eternity)
J4 Necrony Under The Black Soil
J5 Katalysator Mass Genocide Ritual

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€124.99 + €28.00 shipping
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