Silverchair ‎– Live From Faraway Stables

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Eleven: A Music Company ‎– ELEVENDVD19, Virgin ‎– ELEVENDVD19
2 × CD, Album
2 × DVD, DVD-Video
10 Nov 2003
Alternative Rock, Grunge


Position Title/Credits Duration
Act 1
CD1-1 Overture 1:31
CD1-2 After All These Years 4:33
CD1-3 World Upon Your Shoulders 5:14
CD1-4 Tuna In The Brine 5:26
CD1-5 Luv Your Life 4:44
CD1-6 Paint Pastel Princess 4:36
CD1-7 Petrol & Chlorine 5:07
CD1-8 Across The Night 5:25
CD1-9 Ana's Song 4:33
CD1-10 Miss You Love 4:10
CD1-11 Steam Will Rise 9:26
Act 2
CD2-1 Overture 0:55
CD2-2 Emotion Sickness 9:30
CD2-3 Without You 4:11
CD2-4 Israel's Son 7:32
CD2-5 Black Tangled Heart 4:24
CD2-6 Do You Feel The Same 4:31
CD2-7 The Greatest View 5:08
CD2-8 The Door 5:45
CD2-9 Freak 5:12
CD2-10 Anthem For The Year 2000 6:01
CD2-11 One Way Mule 6:21
CD2-12 Asylum 5:22
CD2-13 The Lever 13:43
Act 1
DVD1-1 Overture
DVD1-2 After All These Years
DVD1-3 World Upon Your Shoulders
DVD1-4 Tuna In The Brine
DVD1-5 Luv Your Life
DVD1-6 Paint Pastel Princess
DVD1-7 Petrol & Chlorine
DVD1-8 Across The Night
DVD1-9 Ana's Song
DVD1-10 Miss You Love
DVD1-11 Steam Will Rise
Bonus Material
DVD1 Emotion Sickness (Live In Sao Paulo)
DVD1 An Insight Into Production
DVD1 Behind The Scenes
Act 2
DVD2-1 Overture
DVD2-2 Emotion Sickness
DVD2-3 Without You
DVD2-4 Israel's Son
DVD2-5 Black Tangled Heart
DVD2-6 Do You Feel The Same
DVD2-7 The Greatest View
DVD2-8 The Door
DVD2-9 Freak
DVD2-10 Anthem For The Year 2000
DVD2-11 One Way Mule
DVD2-12 Asylum
DVD2-13 The Lever

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A$13.00 + A$42.00 shipping
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