Evelyn Glennie ‎– Shadow Behind The Iron Sun

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RCA Red Seal ‎– 8287664282 2, Catalyst ‎– 8287664282 2, BMG Classics ‎– 8287664282 2
CD, Album, Reissue
Electronic, Jazz, Classical
Contemporary, Free Improvisation


Position Title/Credits Duration
1 First Contact
Bass Drum [Large Bass Drum], Piano, Marimba, Chimes [Earth Chimes] – Evelyn GlennieBells [Japanese Cup Bells] – Glennie*, Michael Brauer*, Oliver Walker (4)Sampler [Samplings / Intro & End Swirls], Sounds [Low Jangle Bits] – David Motion
2 Shadow Behind The Iron Sun
Percussion [Simtak] – Glennie*Performer [Pads], Organ [Church Organ], Sampler [Bird Samples] – Motion*
3 Attack Of The Glow Worm
Loops [Drum Loop], Bass, Piano, Synth [Synth Glides] – Motion*Taiko [Uchiwa Daikos], Gong [Chinese Gongs], Bass Drum, Performer [Thundersheet], Cymbal [Glennie's Garbage Cymbals] – Glennie*
4 Land Of Vendon
Drums [Drumkit], Percussion [Octobans, Batonka, Metal Garbage, Crackmar, Spring, Slasher, Crasher, Resonant Water Tank, Flexatone, Vibratone, Utters, Ektar, Raintree], Snare [Selection Of Snaredrums], Bass Drum [Large Bass Drum], Gong [Watergong], Vibraphone, Cymbal [Glennie's Garbage Cymbals, Cymbal Discs], Steel Drums [Steel Drum], Waterphone, Vibraslap, Ratchet, Voice [Voices], Whistling, Musical Box [Music Box], Bells [Japanese Cup Bell], Tam-tam [Tam Tam], Chimes [Woodchimes], Temple Block [Temple Blocks], Instruments [Collection Of Homemade Instruments], Toy [Children's Sound Toys], Finger Cymbals [Finger Cymbal Tree], Crotales [Oil Drum Crotales] – Glennie*Piano, Piano [Piano Plucking, Piano Smacking, Piano Body Slam], Tam-tam [Tam Tams] – Philip SmithSounds [Reverse Sounds], Sampler [Middle Section Low BD Sample Repeats] – Motion*
5 Icefall
Musical Box [Music Boxes] – Glennie*, Brauer*, Walker*Synth [Synth Sounds] – Motion*
6 Thunder Caves
Bass, Effects [Sonds Efxs], Sampler [Vocal Samples] – Motion*Drums [Drumkit], Rototoms, Timbales, Percussion [Octobans], Bass Drum [Large Bass Drum] – Glennie*
7 The Council
Percussion [Earth Plates], Udu [Udu Drum], Chimes [Nature Chimes], Gamelan, Vibraphone [Bowed Vibraphone] – Glennie*Sounds [Space Sounds, Whales, Wolves In Space] – Motion*
8 Warrior's Chant
Cymbal [Japanese Hand Cymbals], Finger Cymbals – Glennie*Sampler [Chanting Samples], Sounds [Reverse Sounds] – Motion*
9 Battle Cry
Loops [Drum Loop], Piano, Bass – Motion*Vocals – David HobsonWood Block [Chinese Wood Blocks], Vocals, Marimba, Bells [Clay Bells], Percussion [Raintrees, Bamboo Sticks] – Glennie*
10 Wind Horse
Marimba, Bagpipes [Great Highland Bagpipes], Percussion [Whirltubes] – Glennie*Sampler [Whirltube Sampling, Bagpipe Sampling], Keyboards [Keyboard] – Motion*
11 Crossing The Bridge
Pipe [Car Exhaust Pipes], Percussion [Rhythm Sticks], Chimes [Earth Chimes], Slit Drum – Glennie*
12 Last Contact
Bass Drum [Large Bass Drum], Bells [Japanese Cup Bells], Maracas, Rattle [Children's Rattles], Bells [Michael's Hanging Bells], Piano – Glennie*Sampler [Clay Bell Sampling] – Motion*
13 Battle Cry (Bonus Mix) 4:51

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