Pere Ubu ‎– Drive, He Said 1994-2002

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Fire Records ‎– FIRELP469
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remixed
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remixed
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remixed
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remixed
10 Mar 2017
Post-Punk, Art Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock


Position Title/Credits Duration
Raygun Suitcase
A1 Folly Of Youth 4:06
A2 Electricity 4:09
A3 Beach Boys 3:16
A4 Turquoise Fins 2:38
A5 Vacuum In My Head 3:51
A6 Memphis 3:47
B1 Three Things 4:08
B2 Don't Worry 2:48
B3 Red Sky 3:58
B4 Montana 4:23
B5 My Friend Is A Stooge 2:38
B6 Down By The River II 3:17
C1 Woolie Bullie 2:52
C2 Highwaterville 1:30
C3 SAD.TXT 3:19
C4 Urban Lifestyle 2:56
C5 Silent Spring 2:52
C6 Mr. Wheeler 4:14
C7 Muddy Waters 3:21
D1 Drive 4:39
D2 Indiangiver 0:51
D3 Monday Morning 2:56
D4 Perfume 4:26
D5 Fly's Eye 2:38
D6 Wheelhouse 5:02
St. Arkansas
E1 The Fevered Dream Of Hernando DeSoto 2:42
E2 Slow Walking Daddy 4:52
E3 Michele 3:08
E4 333 4:02
E5 Hell 4:58
F1 Lisbon 3:28
F2 Mr. Steve 2:46
F3 Phone Home Jonah 2:40
F4 Where's The Truth 3:17
F5 Dark 9:14
Back Roads
G1 My Name Is Ellipsis 7:35
G2 Surfer Girl 2:59
G3 Horse 5:11
G4 Electricity (Board Mix) 4:28
H1 Dr. Sax 4:54
H2 Slow 1:09
H3 The Duke’s Saharan Ambitions 6:52
H4 Ray Gun Suitcase 3:33
H5 SAD.TXT (Live) 3:49

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CA$89.00 + CA$30.00 shipping
(about $86.23 total)

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