The Kinks ‎– Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire

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BMG ‎– BMGCAT407BOX, ABKCO Music ‎– BMGCAT407BOX, Pye Records ‎– BMGCAT407BOX
Box Set, Limited Edition, 50th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set
CD, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
CD, Reissue, Remastered, Mono
CD, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, Mono
CD, Remastered, Stereo, Mono
3 × Vinyl, 7", Reissue, Remastered, Mono
Vinyl, 7", Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
All Media, 68 page deluxe book, reproduced posters & photos, metal pin badge
25 Oct 2019
Pop Rock


Position Title/Credits Duration
Original Stereo Album, 2019 Remaster
CD1-1 Victoria 3:42
CD1-2 Yes Sir, No Sir 3:50
CD1-3 Some Mother's Son 3:28
CD1-4 Drivin' 3:24
CD1-5 Brainwashed 2:37
CD1-6 Australia 6:50
CD1-7 Shangri-La 5:23
CD1-8 Mr. Churchill Says 4:46
CD1-9 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina 3:12
CD1-10 Young & Innocent Days 3:25
CD1-11 Nothing To Say 3:11
CD1-12 Arthur 5:32
Bonus Tracks
CD1-13 Plastic Man (Stereo) 3:04
CD1-14 Victoria (Alternate Stereo Mix) 3:55
CD1-15 Yes Sir, No Sir (Alternate Stereo Mix) 3:55
CD1-16 Drivin' (Alternate Stereo Mix) 3:42
CD1-17 Brainwashed (Alternate Stereo Mix) 2:39
CD1-18 Australia (Alternate Stereo Mix) 7:19
CD1-19 Shangri-La (Alternate Stereo Mix) 5:31
Original Mono Album, 2019 Remaster
CD2-1 Victoria 3:44
CD2-2 Yes Sir, No Sir 3:50
CD2-3 Some Mother's Son 3:29
CD2-4 Drivin' 3:16
CD2-5 Brainwashed 2:39
CD2-6 Australia 6:48
CD2-7 Shangri-La 5:23
CD2-8 Mr. Churchill Says 4:45
CD2-9 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina 3:11
CD2-10 Young & Innocent Days 3:24
CD2-11 Nothing To Say 3:11
CD2-12 Arthur 5:30
Bonus Tracks
CD2-13 Plastic Man (Mono) 3:05
CD2-14 King Kong (Mono) 3:26
CD2-15 Victoria (Alternate Mono Mix) 3:39
CD2-16 Australia (Alternate Mono Acetate Mix) 7:03
CD2-17 Shangri-La (Alternate Mono Mix) 5:22
CD2-18 She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (Alternate Mono Mix) 3:07
CD2-19 Australia (Australian Mono Single Mix/Edit) 2:40
The Great Lost Dave Davies Album (Stereo)
CD3-1 This Man He Weeps Tonight 2:43
CD3-2 Mindless Child Of Motherhood 3:14
CD3-3 Hold My Hand 3:17
CD3-4 Do You Wish To Be A Man? 2:45
CD3-5 Are You Ready? 4:05
CD3-6 Creeping Jean 3:14
CD3-7 I'm Crying 2:43
CD3-8 Lincoln County 3:27
CD3-9 Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter 3:12
CD3-10 Mr. Reporter 3:43
CD3-11 Groovy Movies 2:37
CD3-12 There Is No Life Without Love 1:56
Bonus Tracks
CD3-13 Lincoln County (Mono Single Mix/Edit) 3:13
CD3-14 There Is No Life Without You (Mono) 2:04
CD3-15 Hold My Hand (Mono) 3:20
CD3-16 Creeping Jean (Mono Single Mix/Edit) 3:16
CD3-17 Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono) 3:16
CD3-18 This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono) 2:43
CD3-19 Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter (Alternate Stereo Mix) 3:22
CD3-20 Mr. Reporter (Alternate Stereo Mix) 4:08
CD3-21 Groovy Movies (Alternate Stereo Mix) 3:18
CD3-22 Lincoln County (Acoustic Mix) 3:47
CD3-23 Hold My Hand (Alternate Take) 2:58
Demos / Rehearsals / BBC Mixes / Theatrical / Doo Wop / Remixes
Part 1
CD4-1 Arthur's Journey (Introduction) (Stereo) 1:34
CD4-2 Australia (2019 Mix) (Stereo) 6:52
CD4-3 Home Demos Medley, 1969: Arthur / Victoria / Some Mother's Son / Drivin' / Brainwashed / Mr. Churchill Says (TV Premix) (Mono) 7:49
Part 2
CD4-4 Shangri-La (2019 Mix) (Stereo) 5:54
CD4-5 My Big Sister (Theatrical Version) (Stereo) 1:11
CD4-6 Stevenage (Theatrical Version) (Stereo) 1:37
CD4-7 Space (Full Theatrical Version) (Stereo) 3:32
CD4-8 The Future (Doo-Wop Version) (Stereo) 2:26
CD4-9 Arthur (Doo-Wop Version) (Stereo) 3:48
Part 3
CD4-10 The Virgin Soldiers March (Mono) 2:33
CD4-11 Soldiers Coming Home (Instrumental) (Mono) 0:54
CD4-12 King Kong (BBC Mix) (Mono) 2:16
CD4-13 Victoria (Stereo)
Bass Guitar – Dick NolanDrums – Damon WilsonElectric Guitar, Vocals – Bill ShanleyEnsemble, Vocals – Vocal Ensemble*Guitar, Vocals – Ray DaviesKeyboards – Ian GibbonsOrchestra – DR Symphony*
CD4-14 Arthur (BBC Mix) (Mono) 3:23
Drivin' / Mindless Child Of Motherhood 7" Single
A Drivin' (Mono)
B Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono)
Shangri-La / This Man He Weeps Tonight 7" Single
C Shangri-La (Mono)
D This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono)
Victoria / Mr. Churchill Says 7" Single
E Victoria (Stereo)
F Mr. Churchill Says (Stereo)
Hold My Hand / Creeping Jean 7" Single
G Hold My Hand (Mono)
Performer – Dave Davies
H Creeping Jean (Mono)
Performer – Dave Davies

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