Homo Consumens* / See You In Hell ‎– Split Kazeta

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Ultima Ratio (2) ‎– URMC 003
Czech Republic
Hardcore, Punk


A1 Homo Consumens* Tolik Víme
A2 Homo Consumens* Paradoxy
A3 Homo Consumens* Nadějné Vyhlídky
A4 Homo Consumens* Svaté Lži
A5 Homo Consumens* Ve Jménu Vědy
A6 Homo Consumens* Pracuj / Kupuj
A7 Homo Consumens* La Logica Del Potere
A8 Homo Consumens* Stát Tě Potřebuje
A9 Homo Consumens* Konzum
A10 Homo Consumens* Kupředu
A11 Homo Consumens* Není O Co Stát
A12 Homo Consumens* Všude Je Po Lidech...
A13 Homo Consumens* T.K.K.
A14 Homo Consumens* Dolci Sensazioni
A15 Homo Consumens* V Zájmu Bezpečnosti
A16 Homo Consumens* Totalizace I.
A17 Homo Consumens* G.M.O. Free
A18 Homo Consumens* Beze Jména
A19 Homo Consumens* Nechci
A20 Homo Consumens* V Klidu
A21 Homo Consumens* Totalizace II.
A22 Homo Consumens* Slepota
B1 See You In Hell Pochod Teroru
B2 See You In Hell Tunel Nemoci A Smrti
B3 See You In Hell Kolektivní Deprese
B4 See You In Hell Rezignace
B5 See You In Hell Ve Strachu
B6 See You In Hell Národ Spalovačů Mrtvol
B7 See You In Hell Ausgebombt
B8 See You In Hell Civilizace?
B9 See You In Hell Pověz Žes Tam Nebyl / Vlajka
B10 See You In Hell Maso Jako Maso
B11 See You In Hell Můj Tatínek Pracuje V Koncentráku
B12 See You In Hell Sítě Kontroly
B13 See You In Hell Robot
B14 See You In Hell Seance Masové Hypnózy
B15 See You In Hell Zadrátovaný Svět
B16 See You In Hell Violent Pacification
B17 See You In Hell The Few The Proud
B18 See You In Hell Na Konci Provazu


  • Bass [Bg]Tom* (tracks: B1 to B18)
  • Drums [Dr]Beňo (tracks: B1 to B9), Martin* (tracks: B10 to B18)
  • Guitar [G]Filip* (tracks: B1 to B18), Martin W. (2) (tracks: B1 to B9)
  • Vocals [Voc]Jožka* (tracks: B1 to B18)


Tracks A1 to A14 = recorded in spring 2001.
Tracks A15 to A21 = recorded in summer 2002
Track A22 = recorded in winter 2003, all at Moc Plevele studio in Rožnov p/R.
Track A7 is a <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Wretched">Wretched</a> cover.
Track A14 is an <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Impact+%2812%29">Impact</a> cover.
Tracks B1 to B9 recorded in december 2002 at Šopa studio.
Tracks B10 to B18 recorded in november/december 2001 at Shark studio.
Track B8 is a <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Kritick%C3%A1+Situace">Kritická Situace</a> cover.
Track B9 is a <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Radegast+%282%29">Radegast</a> cover.
Track B16 is a <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Dirty+Rotten+Imbeciles?anv=D.R.I.">D.R.I.</a> cover.
Track B17 is a <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Negative+FX">Negative FX</a> cover.

Issued with printed cover artwork and pro-printed tape.

Catalog # sourced from an interview with Ultima Ratio in Trhavina zine #3.

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€10.87 + €3.70 shipping
(about $16.37 total)