Various ‎– Immergutrocken 2

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Indigo (2) ‎– none
Immergutrocken – zwei.
CD, Compilation
Indie Rock


Track 21 is a Bonus-Track.

Seller Terms


Dear mu-sick-lovers, buyers and friends,

you may read this file and many of your questions will by answered afterwards.

I do this aside a normal job and life, I need some time for answering and shipping, but I am still quite fast, people say.

Thankz in advance & Thankz you for reading, that helps you and me!


0) Shipping Policies = Mostly Automatic!

1) Shippingcosts
1.0) DHL, German Post, DPD, Hermes, GLS, UPS etc.
1.1) Germany
1.2) Europe+Switzerland
1.3) Worldwide
1.4) Island, elsewhere worldwide
1.5) Shipping times

2) Your Paypal Mail/Shipping Adress (Important!)
3) Getting in touch!
4) Private Seller / Shop or whatever?
5) Where are the records from?
6) Grading of records?
7) Payment details?
8) Wrapping?
9) Right of Return?
10) About giving Feeback!

0) Shipping Policies = Automatic!

ACHTUNG! Most Shipping prive will be generated by automatic shipping policies,
so you are able to pay immediately after your purcase!

Thank you very much!


1.0.) Shipping Companies

I ONLY ! use DEUTSCHE POST, DHL and DPD for delivery!

1.1) Germany

Porto Vinyl/CD in Germany:

provided by shipping policy but you can ask for something like Warensendung and I will change it for you

1x LP: 3,00 € Warensendung
(under 500g, up to a recordvalue EUR 5,- + YOUR RISK!)

the absolute max- is 31.5 KG!!! ☺

Beispiel Porto CD & 7inch in Germany:

mostly provided by automatic shipping policy! but you can ask for something like Warensendung or Einschreiben and I will change it for you.


1.2) Europe+Switzerland


mostly provided by automatic shipping policy!

1.3.) Worldwide

USA, CANADA, AUS, JAPAN & most continental western countries!

mostly provided by automatic shipping policy!

1.4) smaller islands, africa, some middle east countries

If you are not sure to witch part of the world your country belongs to, just ask.
I will try to ship your records to every place of this world, we will find a way! :-)

1.5) Shipping times

I usually ship two times a week, if there isn't a german holiday!

shipping time german - normally needs 3-4 workdays for shipping
shipping time europe/ch - takes 10-20 workdays (uk very often a bit longer)
shipping time worldwide - around 15-30 workdays sometimes!

2) Your Paypal Mail/Shipping Adress (Important!)

Please keep your Paypal mail/shipping adress up to date!!! That's the adress I normally will ship to!
Otherwise you will loose all rights to use Paypal Buyer Protection!!!

2) Getting in touch!

You still have a question? Please get in touch before buying!

GIVE ME 2-4 DAYS TO ANSWER! But Most Times I am way faster!!

3) Private Seller / Shop or whatever?

I'm a 100% private 2nd hand seller! I can't give no warranty!
That also means, I don't take stuff back (normally), but I always try to describe the stuff as good as possible, I don't sell you crap!


4) Where are the records from?

All records are from my private collection! I store them in racks and 95% of the records are in additional plastic sleeve!
Some are brand new I bought in shops/mailorders, some are bought 2nd hand. Some are just for collecting,
some are used for radio shows, some were even used for djing, some are even so good, I listen to them from time to time!
So the records are in very different conditions!

5) Grading of records?

I rarely never give MINT grading! Maybe a record in still shrinkwrapped!
Once I put a record on the turntable it will be best graded as NEAR MINT!
Many of the records are graded as VERY GOOD+ (VG+), that could mean everything from VG- to NM-.
You know its very tuff to grade record sometimes, but I try to do it well!
When I grade, I mostly do it with my eyes and or skipping through, I don’t have the time to listen to the whole record for searching possible scratches.
But I know if there is something really bad. I do use professionel stuff to listen, „Ortofon Scratch“ is the system I use. So you MAYBE find a skip with a bad system, I couldn’t find, but in 99,9% times the records should work everywhere.

6) Payment details? (Paypal)

O.N.L.Y.!!! PAYPAL, Germany, EU, CH & WORLDWIDE!!!

NO extra PAYPAL fees! You only pay recordprice and postageprice from my list

7) Wrapping?

As I said, I am private, so most time i’ll ship your stuff, wrapped in used boxes or envelopes! Its not because I am lazy or mean,
It's just because I think that’s the best for price and environment. As you can read in my feedbacks, I do very good wrapping. I take the records out of the cover and find the best fitting box for you!
If needed I also use spaceholder plates or extra bubble wrapping.
I love your future vinyl, too!

8) Right of Return?

I don't take stuff back and I don't have to, I am just a privat 2nd hand seller.
But if I made a mistake, like a very wrong grading (min. 2 levels!) or a big scratch I did't know and did not advised before,
then I would of course take the record back and give you the money back. Or we can talk about discount, but we'll see.
If you return, you have to pay shipping cost on your own, I don't give this back.
I only give back the price of the record and the postage you payed for the first shipping.

If a record is broken or lost on shipping I can't give you money back,
if you don't have paid for registred or/and insured shipping!

All automatic shipping prices are for registred and isured shipping!

9) About giving Feeback!

Please don't forget to give feedback after your order, big thankz!!!!

If there is something wrong with your order, the parcel, the records, whatever!
Please get in touch before giving bad feedback!



Thankz you for reading!!!


€9.09 + €19.89 shipping
(about $32.56 total)